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My Thoughts on ‘Yeezus’

Like movies (from Breathless to Anchorman), my love for music is across the map. I was about 10 years late, but recently I’ve become very into Kanye West. He might be an asshole, but he’s definitely a genius. It’s his I don’t give a f*** attitude that makes him so intriguing as an artist and makes his music exceptional. Kanye knows he’s iconic and uses his fame as a platform to do and say whatever he wants. Love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue that he is talentless. His music is constantly evolving as he explores different styles and tackles new social or political arguments. In my humble opinion, he is one of the greatest artists of our time. Controversy is part of what makes him so elevated. True artists don’t care if what they make offends or appalls – it’s what leaves a lasting cultural impression that is important.

Even the name of the CD is controversial. Yeezus? Ye’s Jesus complex has been at the forefront of his work since his debut album, ‘The College Dropout’. And he is still comparing himself to Jesus years later. I’ll admit that it’s pretty weird, but then again, weird is interesting. ‘Yeezus’ is a dark and mechanically grinding album. The sounds and lyrics are gritty and industrial, flowing freshly as an experimental bounty of tightly produced songs. The changes are abrupt, presumably to keep the listener somewhat uneasy throughout the entire listening experience. Ye’s use of soundbites from times past juxtaposed with industrial electronic tones gives his work a wide scope of cultural references and reflections. The on-again off-again West fan may or may not like it, and those who can’t stand him will probably hate his newest album. It’s deep and brooding and not for everyone. But those who like it are sure to love it.

I’m buying into all of the hype around his talent and prowess. Kanye just may be the God of hip-hop. Sorry Jay-Z.

Here’s the full leaked album

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