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Multi-Media: Short Films in Fashion

Newly trending (though not a new trend) fashion short films have developed into a necessity for designers and big international brands. These films allow fashion to be explored in another artistic sense – utilizing cinematography, production design, music, and editing to enhance the clothing on display in the piece. Being a director or production designer for these sorts of projects would be a dream job; ultimately creating a mesh between a giant window display, short film, and fashion show. Watching a designer’s clothes move on a model in slow motion with beautiful backdrops and a rhythmic soundtrack is far more interesting than looking at the outfit sitting on a lifeless mannequin or emaciated runway model. And these fashion films work to develop the art world into a multifaceted exploration of visuals and sound. Successful expeditions in art should utilize multiple mediums, expanding one’s work by taking advantage of the medium of another’s.

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