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Lessons Learned: Post-Graduation

This past spring I was swamped. I had two jobs, an internship, and a full course-load. I was also trying to finish my thesis project and last semester of my undergraduate career. Now that I’m maybe 1/1000th as busy as I was then, I don’t even know how I made it through. College was a lot of fun, but I was running on an empty tank for the last two years and was happy to finally get to re-fuel. That was a seriously dorky analogy, but exactly how I felt.

In the midst of the most stressful year of my life, I sat down and thought about the lessons of college – specifically my last year. I wrote them down and ended up with a pretty intense list. Now that I’ve graduated I have a few more thoughts.


  1. Know who you are. Know your self worth.
  2. You are stronger than you think.
  3. People will always doubt you. At least a handful, if not more.
  4. You doubt others too. It’s natural, but nonetheless, you should work on doing it less.
  5. Confidence and effort are two of the most important pieces in achieving personal success.
  6. Never lose sight of where you are from. Home is at the core of each and everyone one of us.
  7. You will have failures. Many failures.
  8. You will think at times that you’re dumb. You can’t let those feelings get you down.
  9. Your greatest aspirations may never come to fruition – just know that if you continue to work hard, something good will come of it.
  10. Genuine feelings and behavior are of the utmost importance. If you aren’t genuine you’ve lost something deeply human. Get it back.
  11. Being humble is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. Never put your worth above another person’s.
  12. Doubting yourself is healthy.
  13. Work hard for your own sake, not simply to prove someone wrong.
  14. Enjoy yourself. Try to find joy in even the most mundane of tasks
  15. Be hopeful and brave. You’ve got this!
  16. Take as much time to relax as you can.
  17. Focus on your health – eating right and exercising has an immense affect on your success in school and work.
  18. School isn’t everything. It’s not even close to everything.
  19. Focus on learning something, rather than just getting a good grade.
  20. Don’t stress about the little things. They are so, unbelievably little.
  21. Take a break after graduation if you can. Travel, read, relax. You also need a bit of time as you transition into the “real world.”
  22.  Never give up on finding a good job that’s fulfilling and makes you happy. It may take awhile, but you deserve to work somewhere where you can continue to learn and grow.



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