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Hollywood’s Impending Doom

American summers are usually characterized by road trips, beach days, lots of sunscreen, and giant box office hits. It’s the season when blockbusters compete to be the biggest and the best, and audiences flock to see them with their summer loves.

But 2013 has yet to be so forgiving. A few big budget flops of the summer include The Lone RangerRIPDTurbo, and After Earth. Earlier this summer Steven Spielberg predicted an “implosion” of the film industry, anticipating that a half dozen or so big budget movies would flop at the box office and change the face of Hollywood forever. If Spielberg isn’t convincing enough, George Lucas echoed his thoughts and evidence from the box office is mounting.

I can’t help but agree that the future of costly, shallow, special effects driven movies is probably a gloomy one. And by probably, I mean hopefully. There are too many great films to be out-shadowed by ones that rely on over stimulating the senses in order to avoid the truth that there really isn’t much happening.

I’ll stand behind Spielberg and Lucas when I say that the industry will probably be changing soon. Changing to reflect a culture that no longer accepts basic entertainment and requires that film’s be interesting, provocative, and intelligent.

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