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‘Frances Ha’: Not Perfect, but Wonderfully Good

I loved Frances Ha. Here’s why:

1. Greta Gerwig is fantastic as Frances. Absolutely and completely fantastic.

2. I can’t help but see a little bit of myself in her character – as I’m sure every young woman can.

3. It was beautifully shot. I’m also a sap for some good ole’ black and white film.

4. The french new wave influence is pretty obvious and pretty wonderful.

5. Frances is a real girl. She is unsure, curious, clumsy, funny, and self-deprecating. She knows exactly what she wants and won’t give up, but stumbles along the way. She’s genuine, and genuinely written. She’s flawed, but terribly awesome.

6. There are major ups and downs in Frances and Sophie’s friendship, and they’re natural. Everyone has drifted apart from the person they thought they’d be close with forever. It’s an inevitable part of growing up, and Frances Ha presents it honestly and with humor.

7. It’s a coming-of-age/quarter-life-crisis film.

8. I appreciate the realism in the subtle moments of dialogue, eye contact, and awkward body language. It’s true to what 20-somethings discovering themselves are like.

9. The awkward moments are seriously awkward. I was so invested in some of Frances’s unpleasant moments that I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable sitting in the audience. That’s some powerful writing and acting.

10. There’s a happy ending, but it’s not cliche.

It’s wonderfully good, but not everything is perfect:

Sometimes the characters are a little too quirky. Maybe there’s a subculture of young adults who really are that witty and offbeat, but I have yet to meet them. There’s also the privileged white girl complaining about money theme (similar to Lena Dunham in Girls) that’s starting to get annoying. But to Frances’ defense, she is struggling and surrounded by well to do peers, and that gives her a reason to complain.

All in all, I loved Frances Ha. Nearly any young woman could relate to Frances (even if you aren’t a hip New Yorker), and Gerwig is fun to watch. It’s cute, uplifting, honest, and entertaining.


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