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Little Thoughts

If my life suddenly comes to an end – what will I think of before I die? Will I remember the smell of my childhood swamp cooler, turning on for the first time before a summer’s day? Will I think of my dad coming home from work – unloading his over sized and dust covered backpack and rubbing the sweat from his brow? Will I remember my mother’s uncontrollable laughter and her personal strength, or the moments I sat close to my sister and we dreamed of the future? Will I remember every dog I ever had and the sound of their bark and the feel of their fur? Will I remember the cool desert air and the sunsets every night when the skies turned to colors of pink, purple and red? Will I remember laughing with friends or driving my first car home from school on a hot day when the seat belt would burn my skin? Will I remember those I loved and forget those who hurt me? Or will it just happen?

These are my little thoughts.

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