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Check it Out: Bitch Media

Although the newspaper and magazine industries have taken a hit in recent years, I still find that there is nothing more enjoyable than waking up and reading something palpable with a hot coffee by my side. Magazines have a certain feel to them; their pages are cool and crisp, with easy to grab edges that turn with a swooshing sound that reminds me of my adolescence. When I am reading a magazine I feel as though I’m taking part in something that may no longer exist during the third act of my life. That is a sentiment that I hope is extraordinarily false.

Magazines have a very specific formula that allow them to be appealing to the general masses and even more scholarly sorts. They are usually short enough that they can be consumed quickly, but often include long articles that may take time to fully digest. Sometimes, when a writer has created something that is truly an amazing experience to take in, I must read it twice. To me, that’s journalism at it’s finest. It’s entertaining, educational, and has a voice associated with the writer that makes the work attainable, even if it’s quite academic.

I recently subscribed to Bitch Media: A Feminist Response To Pop Culture. I don’t remember exactly how I came across the publication, but I assume I found it somewhere on Twitter (where I find most interesting new things, as of late). I felt as though I needed new material, and as a pop culture obsessed feminist, Bitch seemed pretty up my alley. I really had no idea what to expect, but when I received my summer issue, I was not disappointed.

Bitch features exceptionally written articles about a variety of topics from an array of diverse and insightful writers. From essays about the Matilda effect to the masculinity of american society, this magazine has it all. I found the entire issue to be entertaining, informative,  and refreshing.

If you’re looking for a new magazine to subscribe to and are interested in learning more about feminism (especially within the scope of american culture) I recommend Bitch Media.

Subscribe by clicking here.


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