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My Top 5 Favorite Ryan Gosling Performances

5. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Though Ryan Gosling is most well-known for his dramatic roles, he proves to be a great comedic actor in Crazy, Stupid, Love. As Jacob Palmer, Gosling perfectly portrays a shallow hunk who re-discovers his heart after falling in love with someone other than himself. His razor sharp attitude and quick-witted remarks make for a hilarious performance.

And have you seen how good he looks in dress clothes? Wow.

4. Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl is about a shy and depressed young man who develops an emotional relationship with a blow up doll. As Lars, Gosling is gentle and serene, keenly playing a hurt soul who finds acceptance in a doll who can neither judge nor desert him. Lars and the Real Girl is both heart warming and distinctly unique.

3. Half Nelson

In Half Nelson Gosling plays Dan Dunne, a school teacher who’s hiding his crack addiction. Though he lights up in front of his class, behind closed doors Dan is troubled and lonely. Through a relationship he forms with one of his students (Drey played by Shareeka Epps) we see that although he may do “bad things,” he’s anything but a bad guy. Once again, he aptly portrays an individual who is flawed and complicated, with a subtlety that reflects his skills as a dramatic actor.

2. The Place Beyond the Pines

In my favorite Derek Cianfrance film, Ryan Gosling plays Luke Glanton, a brooding motorcycle stuntman who performs at state fairs. When he is visited by a past lover (played by Eva Mendes) and learns that he is the father of her son, Luke decides that he will do whatever it takes to provide for his son – something his own father could not do. I don’t want to give away any *spoilers* but I will say that The Place Beyond The Pines is one of my favorite films in recent years.

1. Blue Valentine

Another film by Derek Cianfrance, Blue Valentine focuses on love and marriage and how a relationship can come together and fall apart. Gosling plays Dean, whom we meet after six years of marriage to Cindy, played by Michelle Williams. The two have a young daughter together and numerous problems. The film quickly takes us back to before the two met, and the audience is then carried back and forth as we see their relationship develop and come to a head. Michelle Williams is equally as spectacular as Gosling in this heartfelt depiction of how complicated marriage is and how different it can before both involved.


Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling! What are some of your favorite Gosling films?

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