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Blogging: The Basics

1. Although you can blog about absolutely anything in the world, make sure you center your content around a topic or topics that you’re passionate about. Food, fashion, travel, music, books, films, poetry, photography, arts and crafts, interior design, politics, gaming, gardening, makeup, parenting – the options are endless.

2. Be yourself. If you’re starting your own blog, you probably have a few bloggers that you look up to. Be sure not to emulate their style – do your own thing.

3. Though the top-tier bloggers (the 1%) make lucrative amounts of money, do not get into blogging for the cash. The only reason those bloggers are so successful is because they spent years developing their sites before making a significant income. You may never make money from your blog and you have to be okay with that.

4. Seek out bloggers who enjoy the same types of things you do. Bloggers are often open and welcoming people, making for an inclusive online community. Make an effort to engage with others and you’ll be sure to grow as a writer and content creator.

5. Establish a social media presence beyond your blogging platform. I suggest using Twitter and/or Instagram to expand your brand and share your work.

6. Remember that content is king.

7. Although content is of the utmost importance, keep in mind that human beings respond visually. If your blog isn’t well designed, people will be less likely to read and share your work. My favorite blogs have simple, uncluttered designs and color palettes, and are easy to navigate.

8. Make goals. How many subscribers do you hope to have in your first month? After six months? After three years? Do you want to seek out additional contributors for your site? Maybe you’d like to start vlogging too? Make goals and refine them often.

9. Be consistent about how often you post. It will be difficult to keep your subscribers engaged if you are not posting often enough, but make sure not to over post because the quality of your content may suffer as a result. Remember: everything in moderation.

10. Research SEO (search engine optimization). Traffic to your blog will be driven by search engines, so knowing the basics about SEO is a must.

11. Engage with your readers/fellow bloggers. If someone comments on your post, respond! If someone shares your post on Twitter, tell them thanks or re-Tweet something of theirs.

12. Don’t give up. Blogging is a ton of work – but if it’s something you truly enjoy doing, your hard work will eventually pay off.


  1. lifeisabeaut says

    I let my blog fall by the way side, and this post is definitely helpful! Hoping to stay consistent with it. What are your thought son weekly updates at the end of the week + Monday posts? Do you think one long-er post is moderate? Or is a daily post better? The goal of my blog is to encourage, and share memories with those that read it … thoughts?


    • Hi there!

      Although I’ve read a lot of blogging tips that say once-a-day posts are the best option, I think that can be a little overwhelming for both readers and bloggers. My best advice is to do what works for you – once a week updates are a great idea and something that you can easily keep up with. You’ll also have more content to share in those posts, so they may be more engaging for readers. I hope that’s helpful!

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      • lifeisabeaut says

        Hi Julia!

        Yeah, the once-a-day posts I find become tedious (just to read anyway), and committing to posting daily wouldn’t be the best option for me right now either, as a working student. I’ll definitely take your advice to heart! Starting with updates of the week and motivational Mondays 🙂 thanks for your input!

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  2. Brilliant article. You were able to name pretty much the basics one must need to cover in order to produce a good blog. Of course, the ever present, content is king is here too! Haha. I actually agree with you that a blog should be visually pleasing, as sometimes it is the first one that people notice. Well, anyway here is another article I found on the internet that I knew will be helpful too: Give it a read!


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