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Quentin Tarantino on Good Ideas, Hollywood & Filmmaking

Some love his work, others hate his work, but all know his work.

I happen to belong to the first group, so today, in honor of Quentin Tarantino’s birthday, I’d like to share a few of my favorite Tarantino quotes.

“If you just love movies enough, you can make a good one.”

“The good ideas will survive.”

“To me, movies and music go hand in hand. When I’m writing a script, one of the first things I do is find the music I’m going to play for the opening sequence.”

“I steal from every movie ever made.”

“I’m not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies.”

“I couldn’t spell anything. I couldn’t remember anything, but I could go to a movie and I knew who starred in it, who directed it, everything.”

“All of my movies are achingly personal.”

“If I wasn’t a film-maker, I’d be a film critic. It’s the only thing I’d be qualified to do.”

“Movies are not about the weekend that they’re released, and in the grand scheme of things, that’s probably the most unimportant time of a film’s life.”

“If there is something magic about the collaborations I have with actors it’s because I put the character first.”


Source: BrainyQuote.com

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