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Apps on Apps

Here are some of my all-time favorite apps. Be sure to share yours in the comment section below!

1. VSCO Cam

When it comes to editing photos on your phone, there is no app that’s better than VSCO Cam. VSCO’s pre-set filters are all already beautiful, but the app allows you to adjust every aspect of the filter you chose – from exposure and saturation, to contrast and highlight. When in doubt, just pick the F2 setting (my all-time favorite and most used), because it will always make your photo look just a little more on-point.

2. Wikipedia

This app should go without explaining. Wikipedia is one of my most visited websites because sometimes I need to know who invented the brownie (Bertha Palmer) or what city Aretha Franklin was born in (Memphis, TN, but she grew up in Detroit, MI). You need the Wikipedia app if you ever want to ask these questions and figure out the answer before you’ve forgotten the question in the first place. Ya dig?

3. Podcasts

There are so many wonderfully entertaining, educational, weird, and funny podcasts to listen to. I’m currently expanding my collection of subscriptions, so please tell me about your favorites! Right now I’m enjoying Fresh Air with Terry Gross (NPR), The Treatment (KCRW), and WTF with Marc Maron.

4. Spotify

If you like Pandora, you’ll love Spotify. Although Pandora is the OG of the digital music industry, Spotify’s nearly endless library of songs makes it my favorite music app, hands down.

5. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a digital food and exercise diary that has truly become an essential part of my day. As a vegetarian, my favorite part of the app is that I can track what I’ve been eating and make sure that I’m getting the necessary amount of protein and not exceeding my sugar goal. There are so many great features, including a bar code scanner that can automatically input the nutritional information of what you’re eating. If you’re at In N’ Out and aren’t sure how many calories are in those delicious animal style fries you just ordered, you can just look it up on the app! And if you’re going out dancing with the gals for a few hours on Friday and want to see how many calories you’ll burn, you can look that up too. My Fitness Pal has it all.

6. Roger Ebert’s Great Movies

I’m a huge fan of Roger Ebert’s work, and I love having his Great Movies list at the tip of my fingers. With the app, you can browse and read reviews of his all time favorite movies and keep track of what you’ve watched and what you’d like to watch.

7. Bloglovin’

As a blogger and blog-lover, I’m such a fan of Bloglovin’, which keeps all of my subscriptions in a clean and simple feed.

8. Snapchat

SNAPCHAT IS SO MUCH FUN! And it has made living away from most of my friends and family just a little easier, because we are able to share bits of our day together. I also love Snapchat’s international “Our Story” feature, which allows users to see intimate details in the daily lives of people across the globe.

9. Merriam-Webster: Dictionary & Thesaurus

If you own a smart phone, you should definitely have a dictionary app. Merriam-Webster is my go-to dictionary and thesaurus in both the physical and digital world. The app’s especially great for times when you’re not sure exactly how to pronounce that fancy word you’ve been dying to use, because there’s a handy-dandy “say it” option.

10. Twitter

I’m a huge fan of Twitter because it’s basically how I stay up-to-date with what the hell is happening in the world. The social media platform definitely took me a few months to get used to at first, but I’ve been using it consistently for almost two years now and I have to admit that checking in on Twitter has become a part of my daily routine now. Tweet at me, brah.

11. IMDb

IMDb is like Wikipedia, but just for movies, shows, casts, and crews. But if you’re internet savvy enough to find my blog, I’m going to assume you know what IMDb is. Anyways, how often are you trying to remember the name of the guy who played Phoebe’s brother in “Friends” (Giovanni Ribisi)? Or what year Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown was released (1997)? Having an app dedicated to answering these questions can be totally handy.

12. Instagram

Instagram was once just for sorority girls and frat guys sharing their party pics, or foodies sharing their #foodstagram images – but now, it’s for everyone. From photos and stories about New Yorkers, to a floral artist and a dog who dresses in menswear, Instagram has something for everyone.

13. Duet 

Sometimes my sister will suggest a new phone game for me to download and check out, and so far Duet has been my favorite of her suggestions. There are colors and spinny things and it’s difficult to explain the gist of it, so you’ll just have to download it and see for yourself!


What are some of your favorite apps?

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