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Ride With Me – My Essentials For Driving in Los Angeles

As you know, or could easily imagine, commuting in Los Angeles can be a frustrating task at times. As a recent transplant from a city where nearly everyone is overly cautious and drives too slow, I’ve found that the general aggression Angelenos have behind the wheel suits me well. That being said, bumper-to-bumper stop-and-go traffic isn’t a blast for anyone involved, but it can be fun if you have on good music and are willing to unabashedly dance in your car.

I was inspired by Turo and their Los Angeles car rental team, a non-traditional car rental community, similar to Lyft and Airbnb, to share some of my driving essentials. I hopped on the opportunity because I enjoy supporting businesses that are based on community values and sustainability.

Here are some of my driving necessities, for when running a few errands turns into a day long adventure:

1. Sunscreen: Sun protection is a serious matter, particularly when you live in a city where the sun shines often and the weather calls for rolled down windows. I recommend Alba Botanica sunscreen, which is cruelty free and never disappoints.

2. Protein bar: I’m definitely a grazer when it comes to eating, so I like to have a protein bar on hand incase I get hungry during my drive. The chocolate chip Clif Bar is my go-to snack because it’s not only delicious, but it also provides me with the energy to get through my day.

3. NPR/Podcasts: Oh NPR. How much I love thee. I’ll basically listen to anything on NPR (except maybe A Prairie Home Companion, which I’ve just never gotten into) but sometimes I’m in the mood for a specific podcast and will listen to Another Round with Heben and Tracy or WTF with Marc Maron instead.

4. Spotify: I have to shout-out KDAY, which is the best hip-hop station I’ve ever come across (LA is great in so many ways), but when I’m not in the mood for old school rap, I use Spotify. My current obsessions are Flying Lotus’ CosmogrammaCherry Glazerrand Dark Side of the Moon.

5. Water: I’m convinced that we’re all seriously dehydrated. As a result, my Nalgene bottle goes with me everywhere. I only buy Nalgene bottles because they are BPA free and made in the U.S.A.

6. iPhone Charger & Radio Transmitter: Although I’ve been living in LA for nine months now, I occasionally still find myself needing to use GPS (which, based on the size of this city, I’m sure will be the case for years to come). And, as anyone who uses GPS knows, it absolutely wrecks your phone’s battery. A car charger for your cell phone is an absolute necessity when navigating this expansive metropolis, or traveling through any city, for that matter!

What are your driving essentials? And if you have a favorite navigation app, please let me know about it in the comment section below!

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