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Happy Holidays to You and Yours

Dear Readers,

Happy Holidays! I hope you’re relaxing and making time to do the things you love. During this time of year it’s easy to get wrapped up in gifts (wrapped up, get it? Wow I’m cheesy!), financial woes, and a bit of family drama, so it’s important to step back and take a little time for yourself. As with Thanksgiving, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what you’re thankful for.

I’m thankful to be back in Tucson right now, spending the holiday season with friends and family. With moving and starting graduate school, this has been a whirlwind of a year, and I’m extremely fortunate to have a strong support system of loving people who have guided me every step of the way. It’s also been immensely therapeutic to have this blog and be able to share my thoughts and feelings on any given topic. I’m grateful to have such a space, and I’m certainly appreciative that people even want to read it! So thank you!

As always, please be sure to send in feedback, submissions, or professional inquiries to

Thanks again! Happy holidays to you and yours!

❤ Julia

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