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Video of the Day: Exploring Sunset Boulevard

Though I’ve only lived in Los Angeles for a little less than a year, I feel as though I have discovered so much. Living in LA and learning more about the city each and every day has fueled my desire to explore and make new things; there’s a creative energy here that’s electric.

For those who have never been to Los Angeles, you may envision the Kardashians driving through Beverly Hills, trendy tech guys sipping on lattes, and fashion bloggers doing photo shoots in front of some cool building – or maybe you imagine traffic, smog, and an income disparity that is excruciatingly palpable. But beyond the glitz, glam, and grit, there’s so much more to Los Angeles. So much, in fact, that I’ve just barely begun to peel back the layers.

There’s something for nearly everyone in LA: culture, music, food, art, movies, academia, activism, ocean, mountains, architecture…the list goes on and on. And of course, there’s the spectacular weather! But despite everything I love about Los Angeles, I know that this city has a rich, complicated, and sometimes troubling history, and I’m eager to learn more. There is no city without flaws, and I accept that with the beauty, diversity, and creativity of this sprawling metropolis, comes a few problems too.

Below is Vice’s exploration of Sunset Boulevard from their “Streets by VICE” video series. In the video, Karley Sciortino traverses Los Angeles by the street that crosses the entire city, connecting disparate communities and cultures, and creating a passageway through this complex and dynamic place.

Watch and enjoy!


  1. Yes a whole new video series to procrastinate with, thanks!

    What are your opinions on the late David Bowie’s quote about LA: “The fucking place should be wiped off the face of the Earth?” (I think his extensive drug problems may have distorted his perceptions of the city somewhat).

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    • I think that Los Angeles is certainly not for everyone, but it seems like those who hate the city probably have only experienced a mere portion of it. I worked in Beverly Hills for awhile, and if I only spent time in the ritzy parts of town, I’d probably come to hate it too! But that is such a small portion of the city, even if it’s mainly what’s portrayed in film & TV. So long story short, while I’m a fan of the late David Bowie and all he has created, I simply don’t agree with his take on LA. It’s absolutely too large and diverse to hate everything about it.


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