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8 Social Media Tips for Indie Filmmakers

I think I have a fairly strong grasp on marketing, specifically social media marketing, and how to expand the reach of a creative work or business.


In college I took courses on film and television promotion, worked as a student brand manager for Red Bull (one of the most well-known and promoted brands in the world; read more here), and during my senior year I marketed an Indiegogo campaign that funded my entire thesis project. Now, I use social media to expand the reach of this blog and am developing a formidable readership.

Here are a few of my social media tips for indie filmmakers, but these suggestions can also be used toward any creative or business endeavor:

1. Keep your personal social media accounts professional and always include links to your creative work.

2. Know your audience.

3. Utilize platforms that align with your audience. If you are doing an experimental coming-of-age film, consider using Tumblr and Vimeo for your social media marketing campaign. On the other hand, if you’re working on a social justice documentary, maybe Twitter and YouTube are better sites for you to share your work on.

4. Make sure that what you post is very specific and is either related to your film or falls in line with what your audience would be interested in. Remember that you’re building a brand. Keep an eye out for spelling and grammatical errors, and whatever you do, avoid online arguments (hello Twitter).

5. On each social media platform you use, keep everything similar. For example, your Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube handles should all be the same. When deciding a handle, keep it simple. Something like @YourFilmsTitle always works. Also, be sure that the design and information is the same across all platforms, including the site’s header, profile picture, description, etc.

6. Keep all of your accounts up-to-date. I would advise checking-in and/or post every day or every other day. If you are on too many forms of social media to keep up with your marketing campaign, pare down and only keep what’s really working.

7. Engage with your followers. Engage, engage, engage! Make sure that all interactions are professional and authentic.

8. Seek out online influencers who can share your film with a larger audience. Be sure to build genuine online relationships with these influencers by sharing some of their work too.

For film fundraising tips check out these Crowdfunding Tips, and for more marketing tips see 15 Tips on Marketing Your Short Film or Web Series.

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  1. Focus, focus, focus. Because there is plenty of hype regarding a particular social media site does not indicate you ought to devote time and energy to it. Focus merely one the sites that will help you increase your business and don’t get trapped in drama and hype.


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