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A Quick Update

Hey there,

I haven’t been present on Catch-all these past couple of weeks for a number of reasons, but I plan on kicking it back into full gear by mid-May! My first year of graduate school is coming to an end, and to be completely honest, I just haven’t had enough time to dedicate to this blog. Later this month I’ll be posting about self-care, my favorite original series on Netflix, and a reflection on my first year living in Los Angeles. This summer, I plan to focus more of my work on critically analyzing and celebrating various forms of media, while also engaging with relevant pop culture topics.

As usual, contributions and feedback are always welcome. Send me your short film, web series, or information about your crowdfunding campaign, and I’d be glad to share it on Catch-all.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring, watching lots of high (and low) quality television, and finding enough time to relax and reflect.

Best wishes ❤


PS: Check out this inspiring video from the Sundance Institute on women in independent film, below.

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