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25 Things

Last year I shared 24 things I’ve learned in 24 years. Now, exactly one year later, I’m turning 25, and I’d like to do something just a little different!

Below are 25 things – feelings, thoughts, moments, and emotions – that I love. Enjoy, and let me know about a few of your favorite things!

  1. Rediscovering a forgotten song
  2. When my mom calls (Hi Mom!)
  3. Walking in the desert
  4. Discovering a place that’s new to me
  5. When an idea just *clicks*
  6. Sharing a moment with a stranger
  7. When I get to be lazy
  8. Getting to the end of a beautiful film and thinking “wow, I’m so lucky to have had the experience of watching that”
  9. Walking on the beach; watching kids playing with their parents and siblings; feeling the ocean breeze; and listening to the rhythm of the waves
  10. When hard work pays off
  11. Connecting with an animal
  12. Knowing that I’m free to be me
  13. Watching kids just be kids
  14. Learning something new about a person I’ve known forever
  15. Sharing space, love, and my hopes and dreams with my boyfriend
  16. Petting my dogs, who are back in Tucson and I miss so much
  17. When someone shares their story with me
  18. Coming home to Tucson and seeing my family and friends; in particular, the moment I get home and my mom, dad, sister, and I assemble in the living room and talk about what’s been going on in life
  19. Learning
  20. The anticipation of traveling (and then getting to travel)
  21. Eating an amazing meal
  22. Watching dumb videos with my sister for hours on end (and in those moments, being so thankful to have a such a wonderful sister)
  23. Reminiscing with old pals
  24. Exploring and learning more about Los Angeles each and every day
  25. Letting go and not feeling pressure to be anyone but myself


  1. Toby Kane says


    Celebrate and Have a Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Much love… Toby


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