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VEGAN COOKING: My Two Favorite Chefs/Bloggers

If you’ve been following my blog within the past year, you may know that I made the transition from vegetarian to vegan and am loving my new lifestyle. My ability to make this transition is in large part thanks to my sister, who opened my eyes to this compassionate way of living, but I also have the internet to thank. YouTube, in particular, with its surplus of vegan-related content, has played an immeasurable role in the success and sustainability of my transformation.

Before becoming vegan, I seriously disliked cooking. I found the process to be somewhat boring and almost a waste of time, especially considering how convenient, affordable, and addictive greasy foods are. But when I began bringing more variety into my diet (because not eating meat and dairy actually means you try more new foods), cooking became fun and challenging in the best kind of way. My newly found enthusiasm for cooking is largely thanks to the blog and YouTube channel, hot for food, along with co-creator Lauren Toyota’s personal channel, Lauren in Real Life. And recently, I discovered another vegan blog and YouTube channel that’s wonderful, Sweet Potato Soul by Jenné Claiborne.

Though I have a love-hate relationship with the internet, and even YouTube itself, one of the things I think we all benefit from is the democratization of video production and content creation. Vegan cooking shows are not a part of television’s culinary world, but on YouTube, vegan eating and cooking is everywhere – and it’s awesome! While there are quite a few good vegan cooking channels online, I decided to stick to my two favorites and feature hot for food and Sweet Potato Soul in this post, simply because they stand above the rest. Both channels qualify as favorites because they not only showcase recipes that are do-able, nutritious, and tasty, but I seriously appreciate the production-value of their work, which is creative, fun, and well-executed. I’ve posted a few go-to videos from both blogs, so I hope that you watch them and then continue to explore more of their content! Jenné Claiborne also features videos on vegan products such as purses, footwear, and nail polish, which I absolutely recommend.

hot for food






Sweet Potato Soul

Easy Back-to-School Vegan Breakfasts

Raw Coconut Cupcakes

How to Make Sweet Potato Noodles

BONUS: Vegan Shoes That Aren’t Ugly!



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