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Essential Resources for Media Scholars & Fans

Whether you study media, teach media, or are just into media – the internet is full of resources. Below is a list of the sites that I use when I’m researching a film or television series, or even putting together a lesson plan for my undergraduate discussion section. Check ’em out, and be sure to share your favorite media studies resources in the comment section below! I’m always looking for new sites to explore.


Film Studies For Free 

Film Studies For Free is a web-archive of open access (and ultra valuable) film and media studies resources. The site not only links to written work of note, but also features a number of spectacular video essays, my personal favorite medium for examining film and television.


Shot Logger →

Shot Logger describes itself as a site that “facilitates the analysis of visual style in film and television.” Run by the Telecommunication and Film Department at The University of Alabama, Shot Logger boasts 941 films and TV shows logged, and 295,302 frames captured as of December 2015. For an example of the depth of work that’s put into the site, check out the shot list from The Apartment.


Lantern →

Lantern is an open-access search and visualization platform, where users can explore media history by turning the pages of the digitized past. The site, which is run by the Media History Digital Library and the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, features nearly two million pages of historical documents, including Variety, Radio Digest, and American Cinematographer, just to name a few.


Teaching Media 

Teaching media is a site that’s entirely dedicated to media pedagogy, featuring two free online journals: Teaching Media Quarterly and Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier. The site is also a place where those who teach cinema and media studies can share their work, syllabus, and lesson plans, making it an especially great resources for those who are new to teaching.


SCMS: Society for Cinema and Media Studies →

Although one has to be a member of SCMS to reap all of the benefits, there are a few free resources the site provides. Most notably, SCMS has a resource page that features information on film journals, academic programs, teaching resources and affiliate organizations.


La Filmothèque 

As an online film library, La Filmothèque functions as a digital hub where classic films in the public domain can be discovered, re-discovered, and shared. The site categorizes films by genre, decade, country of origin, and director, allowing users to peruse the library however they see fit. La Filmothèque also features a Film Store, where users can buy classic films recommended by the site’s team.

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