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LUNAFEST: Supporting Women in Film

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend LUNAFEST in Los Angeles, an evening celebrating films made by, for, and about women. The traveling short film festival, which was started by LUNA in 2000, has been championing women filmmakers for 16 years while also raising money for the Breast Cancer Fund.

Last night’s screening, which included four short films by Lara Everly, Dr. Patricia Beckmann-Wells, Joey Ally, and Eva Vives, was exciting, invigorating, and super fun. Not only was each short exceptionally well made, but more impressively, they were all bursting with distinct and captivating authorial voices.

Following the screening was a Q&A with the filmmakers, moderated by Janelle Riley of Variety. The center of attention for most of the Q&A was the status of women in film, focusing in particular on how each filmmaker has dealt with issues of inequality and what hopes they have for the future. While it was an honest night that could have ended on a bleak note, the commitment that these women have to telling stories that matter and building strong communities of women in the industry was truly inspiring.

If you have the opportunity to attend a LUNAFEST event in your community, I highly recommend it! Until then, look into these awesome and talented filmmakers and continue supporting the work of women in media:

Short films featured at the screening:

  • Free to Laugh by Lara Everly
  • Family Tale by Dr. Patricia Beckmann-Wells
  • Partners by Joey Ally
  • Join the Club by Eva Vives

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