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Why I’m Scared

This Friday a new president is going to take his place in the White House, along with a herd of corporate conservatives. He’s coming in with a Republican majority in the Senate and House of Representatives, and will be able to select the next Supreme Court justice. I’m scared, but I’m trying to keep this fear from overwhelming me. In light of this frightening time I’m also motivated, because I feel as though it’s my only option – our only option – for creating a better country and a better world.

But, I’m still scared…

I’m scared about losing the ACA and having nothing there to replace it. I’m scared for the millions of people who are going to no longer have access to healthcare and will get sicker and may die as a result. I’m scared because I too will have no health insurance if Obamacare is repealed.

I’m scared that this administration is actually going to try to build a wall.

I’m scared for immigrants and their families across the country. I’m scared for undocumented citizens who live in fear every day. I’m scared for the families who have been separated under Obama’s administration, and those who will continue to be in the next four years.

I’m scared for the constant attacks conservatives will be launching against women’s health and reproductive rights. I’m scared about what defunding Planned Parenthood would mean for women and men across the country. I’m scared that Roe v. Wade could be repealed.

I’m scared for Muslim Americans and the fact that a registry is possible. I’m scared for women who are harassed daily for wearing hijabs, and families who don’t feel welcomed in the U.S.

I’m scared about the sudden increase in hate crimes committed across the country.

I’m scared about racism.

I’m scared about police brutality and the promotion of “stop-and-frisk” policies.

I’m scared about anti-Semitism.

I’m scared about homophobia.

I’m scared about xenophobia.

I’m scared about sexism.

I’m scared that neo-Nazi’s are feeling empowered.

I’m scared of the KKK, Men’s Rights Activists, and the Alt-right.

I’m scared of those who view me as lesser than simply because I’m a woman.

I’m scared of men who view women purely as sexual objects that they are entitled to, and have felt strengthened by the despicably misogynistic words and actions of our next president.

I’m scared for our LGBT community – who can’t love who they want to love or be who they want to be without someone trying to interfere in their lives or cause them harm.

I’m scared for refugees that will likely be turned away.

I’m scared of the impact this new administration will have on U.S. foreign relations.

I’m scared that a man who can barely control himself on Twitter will have access to nuclear codes.

I’m scared to live in a country that keeps trying to whitewash our past and our present.

I’m scared to live in a country where hate is on the rise.

I’m scared to live in a country that refuses to come to terms with its violent past.

I’m scared to live in a country that is intended to be secular, yet Christian groups keep trying to control our education systems and personal choices.

I’m scared to live in a country with a president that doesn’t believe in climate change. I’m scared for our endangered species. I’m scared for the future of our planet.

I’m scared to have a businessman for president, who cares deeply about his personal pride and financial interesest.

I’m scared to a have a president who has repeatedly gone after the press and seems to want to limit free speech.

I’m scared to have a president with such a fragile ego.

I’m scared that our president’s campaign colluded with Russia.

I’m scared about the future of our justice and prison systems.

I’m scared knowing that corporate interests will continue to be valued over individual liberties and the environment.



I’m scared.


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