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Calling All Vegans!

If you’re vegan and use YouTube as a resource for recipes and information, please reach out to me! I’m preparing to present on Veganism & YouTube at the Pop Culture Association and American Culture Association national conference in San Diego this April, and am looking for insight from vegans who include YouTube as part of their online community.

If that’s you, please respond to the following questions using the contact form below.

Be sure to include your name, age, gender (man, woman, or gender non-conforming), location, and how long you have been vegan. If you were vegetarian before becoming vegan, be sure to include the number of years you were vegetarian before transitioning.

  • Did watching a YouTuber or specific YouTube video influence your decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle? If so, what YouTube channels in particular?
  • How often do you consume vegan material on YouTube? What channels do you watch and why? What sort of content are these YouTubers providing for you (i.e. recipes, lifestyle tips, animal cruelty information)?
  • What other materials do you credit to influencing and sustaining your vegan lifestyle? Any particular books, magazines, bloggers, websites, organizations, or documentaries?
  • Do you have a strong vegan community in your personal life (friends, family, etc.) and are you involved in any vegan lifestyle or activist groups? Or, on the other-hand, do you not know any vegans in your personal life and live in a place where there is little opportunity to meet other vegans?

Thank you so much!

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