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The 7 Blogging Rules I’m Always Breaking

Lately I’ve been thinking about all of the sort of universal blogging and social media marketing rules that I should be following, but don’t. The truth is, I break most of these rules despite knowing that they would surely improve my blog. But is Catch-all successful already? Well that depends on how you define success…

In almost every way you look at it, my blog isn’t successful. I’ve been working on it for years and it hasn’t taken off yet and may never. But that’s okay, because I like writing and blogging, and for that reason I consider it a triumph in my own terms. Catch-all is a place where I can share my thoughts and photos, and people will either read what I write and engage – or they won’t. And that’s okay.

Though I’m still trying to figure out what the identity of this blog truly is and how to best support it, I’m also just enjoying the journey and not giving it much thought. But after working on this list it became clear that if I do ever want Catch-all to be more than it is right now, I need to get to work…or, uh, maybe just keep doing what I’m already doing? Like I said, it’s a journey so we’ll see.

7 Blogging Rule I’m Always Breaking:

1. Have a clear focus! 

The tagline for Catch-all is “film, television, pop culture, & nearly everything in-between,” and I feel like that last part is a bit of a cop-out because “nearly everything in-between” isn’t specific at all…and that seems to be where most of my posts fit in. Recently I’ve written about tech-anxiety, my frightening experience with a medication’s side-effects, and why listening to records is fun. I’m definitely not focused.

2. Know your audience!

With a blog as all over the place as mine is, how can I know my audience? I mean, I literally have no idea what Catch-all readers have in common other than the fact that they’re down to read about a variety of topics?

3. Be consistent!

Obviously I’m not consistent thematically, but I’ve been doing better about posting regularly and have decided that Tuesdays are my posting sweet spot. I may even add Friday’s into the mix soon too. Of course adding Friday posts would be me not being consistent, but again, that’s the trend here…

4. Engage with other blogs and bloggers!

I am so bad with engaging with other blogs and bloggers. Sorry guys, don’t take it personally! It’s just that I barely have enough time to work on my own blog right now, but I do know that I need to make an effort to engage, read, and share more of other people’s work.

5. Post multiple times per week!

Yeah, I’m only posting once a week right now, so I’m definitely not following most blogging advice posts, which recommend posting at least three times a week and ideally every day. There’s no way I have time for that, and I don’t think I even have enough to write about…

6. Be sure that your social brand is the same across all platforms!

Now this one is really difficult for me because I find that each platform suits a different approach and a different aspect of my personality. I’m recently back on Instagram (yeah, I mean you should at least consider following me) which I like to think of as a sort of photo archive, so I plan and post with intention. Twitter, on the other-hand (ooh follow me there too), is a bit more goofy and loose, and I’m pretty political as well. Honestly, I don’t even have a consistent “social brand” across all of my posts on Catch-all, which range from super casual like this one, to more academic or creative.

7. Set goals for your blog!

A lot of blogging advice sites recommend setting weekly, monthly, yearly, and even long-term goals for your blog, but I’ve never set goals and probably never will. If I were blogging as part of a bigger business, I absolutely see the necessity of setting goals. But with a blog like Catch-all – where I’m posting basically whatever’s on my mind each week – I can’t imagine what short-term or long-term goals would even look like. Thoughts?


If you’re a blogger at any stage in the process, do you follow most of the go-to blogging rules? And if not, have you found that breaking them has helped you grow your voice or audience?


    • Yeah, you’re super great with engaging! 🙂

      And totally – posting consistently is difficult! If I made money from blogging that would be one thing… but at this point it’s just a hobby. And you know how time consuming blogging is! I commend you for not only writing, but engaging and checking out other bloggers like myself. Your support is always appreciated.

      Keep up the great work!


  1. Great post! I break most of these rules even though I am aware of them. Blogging to myself is this pretty personal journey so as long as it is still fun and not a chore, then that is what matters. It would be nice to see growth but somehow, chasing those stats might not be why the blog was started in the first place! 🙂 I fall in the versatile blogger pile so I know exactly what you are talking about. 🙂

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    • That’s exactly how I feel! Blogging is a personal journey! And stat chasing just isn’t worth it – particularly when higher stats require that you write about stuff you aren’t necessarily as passionate about.

      I’m looking forward to reading more from your blog! After seeing your post on the Ultimate Beastmaster, I think I’ll give it a watch. There are just so many new shows coming out all the time that it’s difficult to keep track…

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