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26 Goals for My 26th Year

For the past couple of years I’ve done a post on my birthday (last year’s was 25 of my favorite things/feelings, and the year before was 24 lessons I’ve learned in 24 years). Although I’m not the type of person who cares too much about birthdays, I’ve enjoyed doing these posts because they provide me with the opportunity to reflect on my life thus far and give some thought to the future. It feels like just yesterday that I wrote that post for my 24th birthday, but it’s been two years! Does anyone else feel like time seems to move faster the older you get? Anyways, this year I decided my birthday list would be 26 things I’d like to do/accomplish in my 26th year.

Let me know in the comment section below what some of your hopes for this year are!

1. Run a 5k without stopping (graduate school has made me out-of-shape and lazy)

2. See New York City for the first time

3. Have one of my essays published on an online publication

4. Have one of my essays published in a magazine

5. Try a class at SoulCycle (I’m so curious!)

6. Start rollerblading on the Venice boardwalk

7. Try vegan baking

8. Spend a day on Catalina Island

9. Visit more animal sanctuaries

10. Take a road trip and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway

11. Attend a film festival just for fun (rather than volunteering or interning)

12. Learn how to budget and keep track of my expenses better

13. Check out more iconic LA bars (I’ve only been to 7 out of 43 on this Thrillist list!)

14. Take surfing lessons

15. Make a short film

16. Go to a show at the Hollywood Bowl

17. Make yoga and meditation a part of my daily routine

18. Hike to the Hollywood sign

19. See more improv and standup

20. Take a self-defense class

21. Write a TV pilot

22. Write a screenplay

23. Catch up on classic film, TV, and literature

24. Finally download the Duolingo app and start re-learning the basics of Spanish

25. Work on a set in some capacity (sets scare me but I have to get over that fear!)

26. Attend a live taping of a TV show


  1. Toby Kane says

    Julia, I can help you with goal #7.

    Here’s a recipe for a wonderful vegan chocolate cake that I’ve been making for almost 50 years. It’s Courtney’s favorite!

    Love… Toby

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