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It Is Happening Again: “Twin Peaks” is Almost Back

After over 25 years, Twin Peaks is returning to television on Sunday, May 21st and I am so, so excited!

Incase you don’t follow me on Twitter and see my annoyingly obsessive tweets, Twin Peaks is pretty much my favorite show of all time. I’m not an OG fan because I wasn’t even born until 1991, so I couldn’t watch it in its first run, but thanks to Netflix I discovered the series shortly after graduating from film school. As an undergraduate I took a television class in which my teacher lectured passionately about how important and revolutionary Twin Peaks was for TV, and it stuck with me. So once I realized it was on Netflix, I decided to give the series a shot and was absolutely floored by the first episode; immediately captured by its unique atmosphere. Twin Peaks is campy fun, but also terrifying. It’s surreal, yet frighteningly close to reality. It’s sometimes lighthearted, though often horrific and dark. Each episode catapulted me through a series of emotions from start to finish. It captured my attention in a way that no other show has, or I presume ever will. I wouldn’t describe myself as a part of “fandom culture” since I’ve never thought of myself as a “super fan” of anything, but I’m sure that my adoration for Twin Peaks is as close as I’ll ever get to loving a show this much.

I finished the series in October of 2014, and I can still recall the frustration I felt when the final episode ended on such a cliff hanger (multiple cliffs actually) and I knew there was no more Twin Peaks to consume. Oddly enough, the very next day it was announced that the series was coming back (a la “see you in 25 years”) and I couldn’t believe that of all of the days for David Lynch to announce that Twin Peaks was returning, it was the morning after I finished the series. It was a bizarre twist in the same vein as the show’s own strange wonderfulness, and I felt somewhat honored that the two events coincided (here’s the post I wrote when I learned of the show’s return).

So for any Twin Peaks fans out there, how are you feeling about the new series? Are you excited, apprehensive, or a combination of both? Are you planning on watching the series as it airs, or catching up later if it’s well received? Or are you a purist who refuses to indulge in a revival? Let me know in the comment section below! Oh, and if you’re interested check out “Exploring ‘Twin Peaks,'” which I made for a graduate television theory course at USC.

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