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My Guide to Vegan Food in Los Angeles

There are so so so so sooooo many vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Los Angeles that I probably haven’t even been to most of them. Regardless, here are some of my favorite places to eat in LA that vegans and non-vegans alike would enjoy:

100% vegan restaurants:

  • Shojin: This Japanese restaurant is expensive, but worth the price. Not only is the food spectacular (both beautifully plated and delicious), but the dining experience itself is truly one of a kind. (Little Tokyo – Downtown, Culver City)
  • Sage: Sage is one of my favorite restaurants to take non-vegans who are open to trying vegan food, and where I eat most often with vegan friends and family. While they’re open for every meal of the day, Sage is my go-to spot for a healthy, filling brunch. (Echo Park, Culver City)
  • My Vegan Gold: My oh my, do I love My Vegan Gold. This was one of the first 100% vegan restaurants I tried after moving to Los Angeles, and I keep going back again and again. I recommend their yellow curry noodle, orange chicken, and nachos! (Silver Lake)
  • Azla Vegan: This family owned and operated Ethiopian restaurant is both healthy and delicious, and located in the beautiful Mercado La Paloma. You’ll need to try their turmeric lemonade and a brownie! PS: you’ll want to check out the stunning photos on their Instagram as well. (South LA)
  • Crossroads Kitchen: If you want to eat somewhere sophisticated and very LA, check out Crossroads, which also has amazing food. I’ll never forget the bagel and lox I shared with my boyfriend, which featured Kite Hill cheese and lox made from carrots. Yes, carrots! The food is inventive and delectable, but be prepared for portions on the smaller side. (West Hollywood)
  • Real Food Daily: If I lived closer to Real Food Daily, I’d be there all the time. Their menu is plentiful, but not too overwhelming, and the food is great. Some of my favorites include their nacho plate, lasagna napoletana, and jackfruit street tacos. There’s also a Real Food Daily at LAX’s Terminal 4. (West Hollywood, LAX)
  • Vegan Glory: This Thai restaurant offers so many healthy, delectable options and wonderful service. And you have to try their Thai tea! (Beverly Grove)
  • Veggie Grill: There are Veggie Grills all over Southern California, and in Seattle and Portland, but if you’re a vegan and you’ve never been to Veggie Grill I recommend checking it out if you’re ever near one. It’s kind of magical to see just how popular vegan fast casual dining is, and how good it can be. (Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Grove, Westwood, Santa Monica, El Segundo)
  • Doomies Home Cookin’: Sometimes vegans want to eat junk food too, and honestly I eat vegan junk food way too often. Doomies is a no frills kind of joint and the ultimate restaurant if you really want to indulge in some big, greasy food. (Hollywood)
  • Fala Bar: Fala Bar offers falafel wraps, salads, and burgers, and they don’t mess around when it comes to portion size. The owners themselves aren’t vegan, but they set out to create a restaurant where everyone could enjoy filling, healthy, plant-based meals. (Venice)
  • by CHLOE:  by CHLOE is attached to Whole Foods 365, making it the perfect place to eat before you grocery shop so that you don’t over spend if you’re hungry! They have healthy options and hearty portions, and even though I’ve tried most of the menu I always go back to the guac burger, which is a classic, and their macaroni and cheese! (Silver Lake)
  • Thai Vegan: Whenever I’m in Santa Monica I stop by Thai Vegan because it’s just that good. It’s a cute, low-key spot, with big portions and wonderful food. (Santa Monica)
  • Ramen Hood: If you’re in the mood for ramen, Ramen Hood has got you covered. I recommend the spicy ramen! And I haven’t tried it yet but they even have a vegan “hard-boiled” egg. (Grand Central Market – Downtown)
  • Little Pine: This quaint, beautifully designed restaurant is owned by super-vegan Moby, and all of the restaurant’s profits go to animal rights organizations. I’ve only been to Little Pine for brunch, so I recommend any and all of the pastries (especially the pop tart), but I’ll say that I wasn’t a fan of their vegan sausage. (Silver Lake)
  • Donut Friend: Whether you’re a vegan or not, these are the best donuts ever. My favorites include Strawberrylab, Stiff Little Butterfingers, the Drive Like Jelly, and a regular ole’ glazed donut. (Eagle Rock)
  • Au Lac: Au Lac is a Vietnamese restaurant that, in addition to having wonderful service and food, is also a pretty cool spot that features live music. You’ll want to order a bunch of different dishes, but the “octopus” and mint margarita are essentials. (Downtown)
  • Gracias Madre: This is one of LA’s most popular restaurants, so it definitely requires a reservation unless you’re okay with waiting 2+ hours for a table! Gracias Madre is a very pretty place with great people watching and excellent food and drinks. (West Hollywood)

Non-vegan, but with great vegan options:

  • Kitchen Mouse: Before getting to the food, I’ll just say that Kitchen Mouse is one of the cutest restaurants I’ve been to in Los Angeles. It’s a vegetarian spot with plenty of vegan options. They serve a full English breakfast with vegan sausage and bacon that I promise will blow you away. (Highland Park)
  • Hugo’s Tacos: This taco shop isn’t exclusively vegan, but offers so many plant-based options. While their food is excellent, it’s the dairy-free desserts that brought me here! Hugo’s Tacos has churros and soft serve, which just so happen to be vegan and AMAZING! I haven’t had soft-serve in years and was worried I’d never find a convincing vegan option, but omnivores would have no idea that their frozatos are dairy free if you didn’t tell them. (Atwater Village, Studio City, Woodland Hills)
  • Golden Road Brewing: Aside from their stellar beer, Golden Road offers superb vegan food that I’ve ordered more times than I’d like to admit. Both locations have different vegan options, so here are my go-to orders. At Grand Central Market they have buffalo chicken wings made from artichokes which I’d consider one of my favorite food to order, anywhere. At the Glendale location they offer macaroni and “cheese” served in a pretzel bowl, and a really great vegan banh mi. Be warned that some of their vegan options definitely miss the mark! Regardless, it’s still one of my favorite places to eat and drink in LA. (Grand Central Market – Downtown, Glendale)
  • Mohawk Bend: I’m always changing my mind, but right now I’d say that Mohawk Bend is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. This is a great place to go to if you’re eating with non-vegan friends and family, since there are plenty of vegan options. Their menu actually specifies which food is non-vegan rather than what’s vegan, which is pretty cool. Two of my favorite pizzas include the Angry Vegan and Banh Mi!  (Echo Park)
  • Burgerlords: They have the best vegan burger I’ve ever had, which is reminiscent of In n’ Out but much tastier, healthier, and more compassionate. They even have their own vegan version of animal-style fries! (Chinatown – Downtown, Eagle Rock)
  • Two Boots: Two Boots is my second favorite place for vegan pizza – particularly late night slices. Order their V for Vegan! (Downtown)
  • India Sweets and Spices: This vegetarian market and restaurant (which has been around for over 30 years!) is affordable and abundant. Thanks to India Sweets and Spices my new favorite snack is spicy baked chickpeas, which I now keep in my pantry at all times!

Vegan Food Trucks:

  • Plant Food For People: They have the best jackfruit tacos ever.
  • Word of Mouth: Word of Mouth offers vegan comfort foods, like mac and cheese bites and a fried chick’n sandwich!

Vegan Festivals:

On My Radar:

A few places I haven’t been to yet but are on my list to check out:


I’m always discovering new  places to eat, so this will be a working list that I’ll update when necessary. Support these vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and let me know in the comment section about any of your favorite LA spots that I didn’t include on this list!

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