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Saving Net Neutrality

UPDATE: The FCC has voted 3-2 to repeal Net Neutrality, but there’s still hope! Congress can pass a “Resolution of Disproval” in order to overturn the FCC vote. Continue to write, Tweet, and call Congress using

This week I wanted to share a post on how the internet has democratized creativity, serving as a space for all to create and disseminate art and ideas. But then I remembered the fast approaching vote on net neutrality, which impacts the very existence of a free and democratic internet. In the U.S., internet is a public service, accessible to all. In 2016 a federal court ruled that internet access should be classified as a utility, not a luxury, and that as a result government regulation is vital in maintaining a balanced dynamic between users and providers.

“The decision affirmed the government’s view that broadband is as essential as the phone and power and should be available to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision.” – Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury” by Cecilia Kang for The New York Times, 2016

On December 14th the FCC is set to vote on net neutrality, with Trump-appointee Ajit Pai intent on dismantling it. But we still have time to make sure that our voices are heard. Call Congress at 202-759-7766, write a letter, post online, and tell your friends and family how important it is that they fight for net neutrality too. Our intellectual and creative freedom depends on it.

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