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I’m Still Mad That “Good Girls Revolt” Was Cancelled

It’s been a little over a year since the premiere of Good Girl’s Revolt on Amazon, and a little over a year since its cancellation. The stellar series was created by Dana Calvo and is based on journalist Lynn Povich’s memoir of the same title. In her memoir, Povich details the discrimination lawsuit women at Newsweek launched against the publication in 1970.

When I started Good Girls Revolt in November of 2016 (it premiered 10/28/16), Hillary Clinton had just lost the election. I was in absolute shock, punched in the gut by the reality that this country elected a racist idiot who jokes about sexual assault instead of a well qualified woman. I still have a difficult time facing the meaning behind her loss – and his win – and all that it says about this country and the people who inhabit it. At that time Good Girls Revolt offered a reprieve. It was a show created by women, for women, and I felt that energy in every ounce of its being.

In early December of 2016, just a little over a month since the series premiered on Amazon, Good Girls Revolt was cancelled. According to Calvo, no women were present at the meeting which was led by then-head of Amazon Video, Roy Price. Since the series’ cancellation, Price left Amazon after being accused of sexually harassing a female producer of another Amazon series, The Man in the High Castle. Many Good Girls Revolt fans thought that without Price heading Amazon, the series would have another chance, but unfortunately the pursuit of a second season never panned out.

So why am I still so mad over a year later? I’m mad that reality mirrored a show about women being held back in their careers and personal lives when Good Girls Revolt was cancelled. I’m mad that an all male group of executives axed a series that meant so much to me and other women. I’m mad that they couldn’t even take the time to learn or care about their audience. I’m mad that even under the umbrella of Amazon, the purchasing power of women didn’t matter. I’m mad that simply being able to create and disseminate art is something women aren’t easily able to do in this hyper-capitalist, patriarchal society. I’m mad, I’m mad, I’m mad. And I hope you’re mad too.


  1. Daisy Peralta says

    Great post Julia! I’m mad as heck! I’m bummed its over because I wanted to know what happened to the characters! But I’m even more mad that the Amazon executives didn’t care about having women in the conversation. The story, the history, the Me Too movement, our current political climate, etc. there are a myriad of reasons that this show should return. It’s a great show and I have hope that it may return! And lets not stop reminding them until they do!


    • I hope it returns some day too, but unfortunately it wasn’t picked up after being shopped around at other networks this year. I’m surprised, especially because of the show’s relevance in the post-Weinstein media landscape…but who knows?


  2. I just discovered it and think it’s fantastic! It’s reminds me of Mad Men, but shows the women’s fight for equality. We are learning something while being entertained!


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