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LA’s Women’s March 2018

This past weekend marked one year since the “You’re Fired” guy became the U.S. president. Sad! Very sad…

Taking part in last year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles was an indescribable experience. I had been crushed by the election and inauguration, but witnessing the turnout that day gave me immense hope. An estimated 750,000 people shuffled around downtown LA, yelling, hugging, crying, laughing, and chanting. To share that experience with so many people – who cared and were scared too – made 1/21/2017 one of the most invigorating days of my life.

This year’s Women’s March was nearly as exciting. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the fight to protect DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, the energy in the air was full of anger and determination. With a turn out of around 500,000 according to Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA proved once again that we are a city that shows up for all people. This is what democracy looks like, and this is what America looks like too.

Below are a few pics I snapped during the march – check ’em out and be sure to see this New York Times photo series, Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent.


  1. Tobin Kane says

    So glad you were able to participate once again Julia!
    I particularly like the sign that read: “men of quality don’t fear equality”.
    As one who generally doesn’t care for “identity politics”, I appreciate the diversity of the LA crowd… banding TOGETHER is how we make real progress, beneficial to EVERYONE!

    XO… Toby

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    • Thanks Toby! I actually made that “men of quality don’t fear equality” sign for David :). And I respect your stance as always, but I’m a supporter of the sentiments behind identity-based politics so maybe we can discuss sometime? As for the LA crowd, that’s one of my favorite parts of living here!


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