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Catch-all is More of a Hodge-podge

I think that if I started this blog all over again I’d name it hodge-podge. Originally I thought of it like a catch-all dish that accumulates little odds and ends. Bills, bobby pins, loose change, buttons, political stickers, gum. It’s astonishing how many of those catch-all dishes I actually have in my apartment. They start out being useful, but quickly become piles of both important and unimportant things. I end up avoiding it all until it’s time to clean my catch-all dish out and start over again.

But this Catch-all has become more of a hodge-podge. It’s like the area of my apartment where I’ve placed shoes, empty picture frames, books, and my old violin I’ve been meaning to donate. It’s my go-to spot for big things that don’t go together but have nowhere else to go – which is kind of like this blog.

As much as I want to pinpoint a specific direction for Catch-all so that I can actually try to reach an identifiable audience, it’s becoming clear that it’s just not going to happen. (And it must not be what I truly want to happen.) There’s no specific audience for this blog because there are so many different things that I enjoy writing about, and that’s likely never going to change. Making Catch-all into anything other than what it is now wouldn’t be true to me. So for now and for the unforeseeable future, it’s just you, me, and the other folks who happen to like what’s on Catch-all too.

At my day job I work for an organization with a massive audience, and I produce content for their digital platforms. It’s so strange to indirectly have access to a vast, but well-defined audience, and then come home and work on stuff for my own tiny blog and not know who I’m even trying to reach. It’s not only strange, it’s discouraging. I’ve been working on Catch-all for five years, and while it’s been fun for me and has taught me a number of skills I wouldn’t have otherwise, I’m struggling with finding a logical reason to keep it going.

But logical is the key word, because I do want to keep blogging despite there being no tangible results. It’s fun for me, it’s my hodge-podge, my Catch-all, and I guess I’ll keep at it until it isn’t fun anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 If you have a blog, are you ever discouraged? What keeps you motivated to keep writing and posting? And do you have any general advice for someone with a website or online presence? Let me know in the comment section below!

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