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A Few of My Favorite Things

  • the sound of a diesel engine
  • warm towels
  • laying on the living room floor at my parents’ home
  • waking up early before traveling
  • eating vegan banh mi’s
  • when the sun’s setting – anywhere, but especially in the desert
  • the feeling on your skin when you get into a hot car
  • the joy of discovery that travel brings
  • the sense of anonymity when you’re walking down a street in a crowded city
  • the smell after it rains in the desert
  • eating popcorn
  • listening to a song I love, but haven’t heard in years
  • the smell of an old dog’s breath
  • a good cup of coffee in the morning
  • being moved to tears by a movie
  • doodling
  • when an idea just “clicks”
  • the early stages of planning something fun
  • the smell of gasoline
  • when a plane finally lands & you’re safely on the ground again
  • finding a cool object at a secondhand store
  • when it’s chilly enough to wear a long sleeved shirt, but not so cold that you can’t still wear shorts
  • driving in LA with my sunroof open when the traffic isn’t bad  
  • looking at old photos
  • giving a piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint
  • the smell of lavender cleaning products
  • the opening themes of Twin Peaks, Golden Girls, & Portlandia
  • feeling productive
  • industrial districts
  • the sound of waves & cool feeling of an ocean breeze
  • the smell of sunscreen
  • midcentury modern furniture
  • how excited my dogs are when I get home

These are a few of my favorite things—what are yours?

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