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Is Adulthood Just Being Busy All the Time?

I can’t tell you how much I want to have the time to work on this blog. To draw, travel, take photos, try new things—but I’m just too damn busy. Always.

I keep thinking that soon I’ll have more time to do some of the stuff that makes me happy (and maybe even relax?) but with each new day comes another task to add to my seemingly endless to-do list.

I’m mostly to blame for being constantly overwhelmed. I take on far too many things, but life’s just getting in the way too. Too much work, too many appointments, getting sick at inopportune times, and the infinite red-tape that makes everything more difficult.

Is this what being an adult is like forever?

David always tells me, “One thing at a time.” And when I have the time, this way of thinking is great. But usually, I don’t.

And I feel guilty for complaining. Most people are this busy (and many are much more so), but I needed to get this off my chest.

Maybe some day this blog will be more than a random dumping ground for my rants or fleeting feelings. Maybe some day I’ll write about movies and TV again, post photos from trips, and ideas about politics or social movements—but for now this is all I have the energy for.

Do you have a method for relaxing when you feel so unbelievably overwhelmed? If so let me know. I need some guidance ❤

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