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New to Catch-all? Start Here

Social distancing has left me with no excuse for neglecting this blog, so I’m back—for now.

If you’ve landed on this page for the first time because you were bored and cruising the internet, well, welcome! And if you’ve been here before, welcome back. Thanks for returning again and again, despite years of inconsistency.

I started this blog when I graduated from college in 2013. Since then I’ve had a handful of jobs, moved to another state, went to graduate school, and have done all sorts of other “adult” things. Yet I’m still here working on Catch-all because of what it provides for me. It’s an escape and a place to share my thoughts, but it’s also something more. It’s where I put the things I make that have no other place to go. Where my creative ideas have room to be planted; maybe they’re left there for a few years, maybe they die in the unwatered soil, but at least there’s a place for them.

I’ve spent the past decade imagining and then re-imagining what I want to do with my life—trying to figure out what my skills are, or where my purpose lies. I still don’t quite know, but what I have nailed down is that writing (even if it’s just a sloppy journal entry) makes me feel good. I’m more whole and in-tune with myself when I write, and so, I keep doing it. Whether it’s good or bad writing really isn’t the point, just that I’m doing it.

So basically, thanks for checking out Catch-all. I hope you find something that piques your interest:

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