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LA’s Women’s March 2018

This past weekend marked one year since the “You’re Fired” guy became the U.S. president. Sad! Very sad…

Taking part in last year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles was an indescribable experience. I had been crushed by the election and inauguration, but witnessing the turnout that day gave me immense hope. An estimated 750,000 people shuffled around downtown LA, yelling, hugging, crying, laughing, and chanting. To share that experience with so many people – who cared and were scared too – made 1/21/2017 one of the most invigorating days of my life.

This year’s Women’s March was nearly as exciting. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the fight to protect DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, the energy in the air was full of anger and determination. With a turn out of around 500,000 according to Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA proved once again that we are a city that shows up for all people. This is what democracy looks like, and this is what America looks like too.

Below are a few pics I snapped during the march – check ’em out and be sure to see this New York Times photo series, Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent.


I’m Still Mad That “Good Girls Revolt” Was Cancelled

It’s been a little over a year since the premiere of Good Girl’s Revolt on Amazon, and a little over a year since its cancellation. The stellar series was created by Dana Calvo and is based on journalist Lynn Povich’s memoir of the same title. In her memoir, Povich details the discrimination lawsuit women at Newsweek launched against the publication in 1970.

When I started Good Girls Revolt in November of 2016 (it premiered 10/28/16), Hillary Clinton had just lost the election. I was in absolute shock, punched in the gut by the reality that this country elected a racist idiot who jokes about sexual assault instead of a well qualified woman. I still have a difficult time facing the meaning behind her loss – and his win – and all that it says about this country and the people who inhabit it. At that time Good Girls Revolt offered a reprieve. It was a show created by women, for women, and I felt that energy in every ounce of its being.

In early December of 2016, just a little over a month since the series premiered on Amazon, Good Girls Revolt was cancelled. According to Calvo, no women were present at the meeting which was led by then-head of Amazon Video, Roy Price. Since the series’ cancellation, Price left Amazon after being accused of sexually harassing a female producer of another Amazon series, The Man in the High Castle. Many Good Girls Revolt fans thought that without Price heading Amazon, the series would have another chance, but unfortunately the pursuit of a second season never panned out.

So why am I still so mad over a year later? I’m mad that reality mirrored a show about women being held back in their careers and personal lives when Good Girls Revolt was cancelled. I’m mad that an all male group of executives axed a series that meant so much to me and other women. I’m mad that they couldn’t even take the time to learn or care about their audience. I’m mad that even under the umbrella of Amazon, the purchasing power of women didn’t matter. I’m mad that simply being able to create and disseminate art is something women aren’t easily able to do in this hyper-capitalist, patriarchal society. I’m mad, I’m mad, I’m mad. And I hope you’re mad too.

In & Around Palm Springs

I spent three days this past week in and around Palm Springs with my boyfriend, and below are a few pictures I took during our fun little trip.

When I first arrived I wasn’t quite sure why the Palm Desert was (and still is) a go-to Hollywood destination. My realization by the end of our first day was that maybe because I grew up in the desert, desert cities aren’t as much of an escape for me as they are for others. I could see how such a slow, small, pretty town could serve as a reprieve for those who aren’t used to the wondrous charms of the desert. And quickly, I too was charmed by Palm Springs.

One of my favorite things about the city is the architecture. I have a love for mid-century modern design, particularly from Southern California, and everywhere I looked there was another groovy building, sign, or piece of furniture. Because the history of Palm Springs is so deeply entrenched in Hollywood – particularly 1920’s through 60’s Hollywood – it has a funkiness and style that transports you to another time and place.

Palm Springs is also noticeably open and welcoming. This past November the city elected an all-LGBTQ city council, and according to the LA Times Palm Springs is “ranked first in the state and third in the nation among cities with the most same-sex couples per 1,000 households.” On a separate note, for such a small place it’s also home to a number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. Chef Tanya’s Kitchen, where I had one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten my entire life, is a must stop for vegans and non-vegans alike. I know that the internet is ripe with hyperbole, but I’m not exaggerating when it comes to those sandwiches.

I had a delightful time exploring and relaxing in Palm Springs, and I’m looking forward to returning some day in the not-too-distant future. 🌴😎

Moorten Botanical Garden

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

The drive

Cabazon Dinosaurs

UPDATEIt wasn’t until after spending time at the Cabazon Dinosaurs that I decided to do a little research on the bizarre roadside attraction. As my boyfriend and I were leaving, we noticed a large cross near the entrance and thought to ourselves, hmmm…that’s just a little unexpected for a place that celebrates dinosaurs. After a quick internet search I learned that the land and dinosaurs were purchased in the late 1980’s by a Christian group that supports Young Earth Creationism. Basically, they are creationists who believe that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans.

I feel stupid for being so overwhelmingly charmed by the goofy animatronic dinosaurs inside the gift shop to notice any of the plaques claiming dinosaurs existed alongside humans. Anyways – if you want to avoid giving money to this creationist organization, the two biggest dinosaurs are outside of the exhibit. It’s truly unfortunate that I gave money to a group that undermines science and evolution, but I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy my time there.

For more info on the dinosaur attraction’s religious affiliation, check out this post from the travel blog, TheEverywhereist.


Catch-all in 2018

I decided against making resolutions this year, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t put aside a little time to reflect on Catch-all and consider what the future of this blog should – or could – look like.

Because blogging is just a hobby for me, I’ve never been particularly strict about narrowing down my focus (it’s called Catch-all for a reason) and I know that going into 2018 my posts will continue to be just as varied. I do, however, plan to put my media studies degree to use and share more work that examines film, TV, pop culture, music, politics, identity, and representation. With more serious work will also come some fun (I think it’s about time to write about Vanderpump Rules) and I’m hoping to maintain that delicate balance between content that reflects both fierce critical engagement, and lighthearted entertainment.

Catch-all in 2017

Most popular posts this past year:

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My favorite posts from 2017:

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Looking to the future

In 2018 my two main goals for Catch-all are to post more often and to do so consistently! At the end of the day this is a space for me to share whatever I want, but after nearly five years of blogging it can be difficult sometimes to come up with ideas that are both interesting to write about, and worthwhile to read. If you can think of any topic in particular you think I’d like to research and write about – or something you’d be interested in reading – let me know in the comment section below. In 2018 I’m hoping to hear more often from readers, and also looking to make this a more engaging and interactive space.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you have a prosperous and happy 2018 and beyond. And as always, thank you for reading.


Tommy Wiseau, Vegan Pizza, & Gifs

I really enjoyed putting together this casual newsletter-style post back in June, so I thought I’d do another! Here’s what I’ve been watching, listening to, reading, thinking about, doing, eating, and fawning over. What have you been into lately?


Not to be dramatic, but I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to watch much TV or go to the movies. As far as television goes I’m currently watching Stranger Things, Transparent, Golden Girls, X-FilesMaster of None, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m basically part-way through all of these shows but haven’t been watching consistently. But I did binge the past 10 episodes of I Love You America with Sarah Silverman on Hulu the other night and I LOVE IT — YOU SHOULD WATCH!

This past week I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and attended the 30th anniversary screening of Die Hard. The movies I plan on FINALLY watching this week include Lady Bird, The Florida Project, and The Disaster Artistand I’m hoping to see Call Me By Your Name, Lemon, and Lucky soon.

Oh can we talk about The Disaster Artist trailer for a second? As a fan of The Room, when I heard that James Franco and Seth Rogen were adapting Greg Sestero’s book I felt a little conflicted. While I’m a supporter Franco and Rogen’s work, I wasn’t too excited with the idea of them messing with Tommy Wiseau’s precious, terrible creation. But after catching the latest trailer, I couldn’t be more excited. It seems that The Disaster Artist will be less about making fun of Wiseau and The Room, and more about examining fame, dreams, ego, creativity, and personal limitations. I kid you not, this trailer made me teary-eyed! If you’ve seen it let me know what you thought in the comment section – I’m hoping to go in the next couple of days!


My boyfriend and I decided to drive home for Thanksgiving so I spent 7 hours DJ’ing on our way to Tucson. We listened to Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Gorillaz, and The Velvet Underground & Nico, and I played “Gucci Gang” too because I couldn’t resist. Ever since our trip I’ve been listening to “Femme Fatale” on repeat and checking out more Velvet Underground albums.


Here are a few articles that I’ve been reading and re-reading:


I’ve been thinking a lot about the #MeToo movement and honestly don’t have the emotional energy to write about it right now. I’ve also been thinking about how devastating it is that the FCC axed net neutrality, but that we can still contact Congress and urge our representatives to fight it. Congress should also pass a clean Dream Act now so that Dreamers across the U.S. don’t have to worry about their immigration status over the holidays (sign this petition and call your representatives).

In lighter news I’ve been thinking about how wildly entertaining Vanderpump Rules is (I’m so glad it’s back!) and that I don’t think Sex and the City would have ever existed without The Golden Girls. I’m also putting it out there that I have a bona-fide crush on Jessica Williams and her movie The Incredible Jessica James is great and on Netflix and you should watch it.

OMG and thank goodness Roy Moore wasn’t elected! Phew…that was a close one!


I’ve been having way too much fun wrapping presents for Christmas and Chanukah (is this what growing into and accepting your dorky-ness feels like?). I’m also trying to become a more organized person (it’s only kind of working) and other than working, hanging out with people I care about, and being lazy, I haven’t been up to much lately…

Well actuallyin LA there’s a ton of things going on all the time, so I’ve definitely been “doing stuff” but I’m blanking on anything particularly cool right now. I did go to The Roadhouse pop-up bar and got some insider production information from the “Got a light?” guy, so that was rad!



If you haven’t seen my favorite vegan restaurants in LA list yet, you should check that out. While I’ve been trying to mainly eat at home, when I do eat out I’ve been going for pho, ramen, and pizza. Here’s a photo I took of the Angry Vegan pizza at Mohawk Bend that my boyfriend and I split a few weeks ago…just look at it 😍!


In addition to fawning over Jessica Williams, I’m also super into the Scully-Mulder dynamic (I know I’m way behind but better late than never). I’m thinking about writing a post on why I love them and their relationship, so I won’t say much more about that here…

Also, if you’re on Twitter it’s a well-known fact that Roxane Gay is the best, but incase you don’t realize that yet do yourself a favor and follow her (and support her brilliant work). Oh and my sister started posting on Instagram and I love all of her photos and I think you should follow her too.


No matter what you celebrate or don’t celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful December and a happy New Year! 2017 has been one hell of a year (a hell-hole of a year) and I’m not hopeful that 2018 will be much better! So rest up so you can fight the establishment and have the creative energy to do what you love and spend time with those you care about! Even though I’ve been falling down on the job a bit when it comes to blogging, this will be my last post for a couple of weeks because I want to focus on friends, family, FUN, and sticking it to the man.

Happy holidays to you and yours! ❤



What have you been into lately? Let me know in the comment section below! 😎

Saving Net Neutrality

UPDATE: The FCC has voted 3-2 to repeal Net Neutrality, but there’s still hope! Congress can pass a “Resolution of Disproval” in order to overturn the FCC vote. Continue to write, Tweet, and call Congress using

This week I wanted to share a post on how the internet has democratized creativity, serving as a space for all to create and disseminate art and ideas. But then I remembered the fast approaching vote on net neutrality, which impacts the very existence of a free and democratic internet. In the U.S., internet is a public service, accessible to all. In 2016 a federal court ruled that internet access should be classified as a utility, not a luxury, and that as a result government regulation is vital in maintaining a balanced dynamic between users and providers.

“The decision affirmed the government’s view that broadband is as essential as the phone and power and should be available to all Americans, rather than a luxury that does not need close government supervision.” – Court Backs Rules Treating Internet as Utility, Not Luxury” by Cecilia Kang for The New York Times, 2016

On December 14th the FCC is set to vote on net neutrality, with Trump-appointee Ajit Pai intent on dismantling it. But we still have time to make sure that our voices are heard. Call Congress at 202-759-7766, write a letter, post online, and tell your friends and family how important it is that they fight for net neutrality too. Our intellectual and creative freedom depends on it.

My Guide to Vegan Food in Los Angeles

There are so so so so sooooo many vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Los Angeles that I probably haven’t even been to most of them. Regardless, here are some of my favorite places to eat in LA that vegans and non-vegans alike would enjoy:

100% vegan restaurants:

  • Shojin: This Japanese restaurant is expensive, but worth the price. Not only is the food spectacular (both beautifully plated and delicious), but the dining experience itself is truly one of a kind. (Little Tokyo – Downtown, Culver City)
  • Sage: Sage is one of my favorite restaurants to take non-vegans who are open to trying vegan food, and where I eat most often with vegan friends and family. While they’re open for every meal of the day, Sage is my go-to spot for a healthy, filling brunch. (Echo Park, Culver City)
  • My Vegan Gold: My oh my, do I love My Vegan Gold. This was one of the first 100% vegan restaurants I tried after moving to Los Angeles, and I keep going back again and again. I recommend their yellow curry noodle, orange chicken, and nachos! (Silver Lake)
  • Azla Vegan: This family owned and operated Ethiopian restaurant is both healthy and delicious, and located in the beautiful Mercado La Paloma. You’ll need to try their turmeric lemonade and a brownie! PS: you’ll want to check out the stunning photos on their Instagram as well. (South LA)
  • Crossroads Kitchen: If you want to eat somewhere sophisticated and very LA, check out Crossroads, which also has amazing food. I’ll never forget the bagel and lox I shared with my boyfriend, which featured Kite Hill cheese and lox made from carrots. Yes, carrots! The food is inventive and delectable, but be prepared for portions on the smaller side. (West Hollywood)
  • Real Food Daily: If I lived closer to Real Food Daily, I’d be there all the time. Their menu is plentiful, but not too overwhelming, and the food is great. Some of my favorites include their nacho plate, lasagna napoletana, and jackfruit street tacos. There’s also a Real Food Daily at LAX’s Terminal 4. (West Hollywood, LAX)
  • Vegan Glory: This Thai restaurant offers so many healthy, delectable options and wonderful service. And you have to try their Thai tea! (Beverly Grove)
  • Veggie Grill: There are Veggie Grills all over Southern California, and in Seattle and Portland, but if you’re a vegan and you’ve never been to Veggie Grill I recommend checking it out if you’re ever near one. It’s kind of magical to see just how popular vegan fast casual dining is, and how good it can be. (Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Grove, Westwood, Santa Monica, El Segundo)
  • Doomies Home Cookin’: Sometimes vegans want to eat junk food too, and honestly I eat vegan junk food way too often. Doomies is a no frills kind of joint and the ultimate restaurant if you really want to indulge in some big, greasy food. (Hollywood)
  • Fala Bar: Fala Bar offers falafel wraps, salads, and burgers, and they don’t mess around when it comes to portion size. The owners themselves aren’t vegan, but they set out to create a restaurant where everyone could enjoy filling, healthy, plant-based meals. (Venice)
  • by CHLOE:  by CHLOE is attached to Whole Foods 365, making it the perfect place to eat before you grocery shop so that you don’t over spend if you’re hungry! They have healthy options and hearty portions, and even though I’ve tried most of the menu I always go back to the guac burger, which is a classic, and their macaroni and cheese! (Silver Lake)
  • Thai Vegan: Whenever I’m in Santa Monica I stop by Thai Vegan because it’s just that good. It’s a cute, low-key spot, with big portions and wonderful food. (Santa Monica)
  • Ramen Hood: If you’re in the mood for ramen, Ramen Hood has got you covered. I recommend the spicy ramen! And I haven’t tried it yet but they even have a vegan “hard-boiled” egg. (Grand Central Market – Downtown)
  • Little Pine: This quaint, beautifully designed restaurant is owned by super-vegan Moby, and all of the restaurant’s profits go to animal rights organizations. I’ve only been to Little Pine for brunch, so I recommend any and all of the pastries (especially the pop tart), but I’ll say that I wasn’t a fan of their vegan sausage. (Silver Lake)
  • Donut Friend: Whether you’re a vegan or not, these are the best donuts ever. My favorites include Strawberrylab, Stiff Little Butterfingers, the Drive Like Jelly, and a regular ole’ glazed donut. (Eagle Rock)
  • Au Lac: Au Lac is a Vietnamese restaurant that, in addition to having wonderful service and food, is also a pretty cool spot that features live music. You’ll want to order a bunch of different dishes, but the “octopus” and mint margarita are essentials. (Downtown)
  • Gracias Madre: This is one of LA’s most popular restaurants, so it definitely requires a reservation unless you’re okay with waiting 2+ hours for a table! Gracias Madre is a very pretty place with great people watching and excellent food and drinks. (West Hollywood)

Non-vegan, but with great vegan options:

  • Kitchen Mouse: Before getting to the food, I’ll just say that Kitchen Mouse is one of the cutest restaurants I’ve been to in Los Angeles. It’s a vegetarian spot with plenty of vegan options. They serve a full English breakfast with vegan sausage and bacon that I promise will blow you away. (Highland Park)
  • Hugo’s Tacos: This taco shop isn’t exclusively vegan, but offers so many plant-based options. While their food is excellent, it’s the dairy-free desserts that brought me here! Hugo’s Tacos has churros and soft serve, which just so happen to be vegan and AMAZING! I haven’t had soft-serve in years and was worried I’d never find a convincing vegan option, but omnivores would have no idea that their frozatos are dairy free if you didn’t tell them. (Atwater Village, Studio City, Woodland Hills)
  • Golden Road Brewing: Aside from their stellar beer, Golden Road offers superb vegan food that I’ve ordered more times than I’d like to admit. Both locations have different vegan options, so here are my go-to orders. At Grand Central Market they have buffalo chicken wings made from artichokes which I’d consider one of my favorite food to order, anywhere. At the Glendale location they offer macaroni and “cheese” served in a pretzel bowl, and a really great vegan banh mi. Be warned that some of their vegan options definitely miss the mark! Regardless, it’s still one of my favorite places to eat and drink in LA. (Grand Central Market – Downtown, Glendale)
  • Mohawk Bend: I’m always changing my mind, but right now I’d say that Mohawk Bend is my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. This is a great place to go to if you’re eating with non-vegan friends and family, since there are plenty of vegan options. Their menu actually specifies which food is non-vegan rather than what’s vegan, which is pretty cool. Two of my favorite pizzas include the Angry Vegan and Banh Mi!  (Echo Park)
  • Burgerlords: They have the best vegan burger I’ve ever had, which is reminiscent of In n’ Out but much tastier, healthier, and more compassionate. They even have their own vegan version of animal-style fries! (Chinatown – Downtown, Eagle Rock)
  • Two Boots: Two Boots is my second favorite place for vegan pizza – particularly late night slices. Order their V for Vegan! (Downtown)
  • India Sweets and Spices: This vegetarian market and restaurant (which has been around for over 30 years!) is affordable and abundant. Thanks to India Sweets and Spices my new favorite snack is spicy baked chickpeas, which I now keep in my pantry at all times!

Vegan Food Trucks:

  • Plant Food For People: They have the best jackfruit tacos ever.
  • Word of Mouth: Word of Mouth offers vegan comfort foods, like mac and cheese bites and a fried chick’n sandwich!

Vegan Festivals:

On My Radar:

A few places I haven’t been to yet but are on my list to check out:


I’m always discovering new  places to eat, so this will be a working list that I’ll update when necessary. Support these vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and let me know in the comment section about any of your favorite LA spots that I didn’t include on this list!

Lena Dunham’s Rich White Kids

I haven’t had the time to blog lately, so I wanted to jump back into things with a super short post on Lena Dunham. This is just something I wrote on my notes app one night last week, so my thoughts aren’t fully fleshed out, nor are they particularly well assembled. I was thinking a lot about Lena Dunham after she defended an accused rapist and had one of her Lenny Letter writers quit, citing “hipster racism.” Dunham has been doing and saying problematic things for years, and although I really wanted to be a fan (she’s an outspoken writer/director/producer and I look up to that) her work has consistently rubbed me the wrong way.

One of the things that has always made Lena Dunham’s work a bit difficult for me to digest (beginning with Tiny Furniture, even though I enjoyed it overall) is that her very wealthy artist New Yorker background is so much a part of her storytelling. Her film, TV series, and writing is always about white girls, but specifically elitist, posh, rich white girls, which is a subject matter I quite honestly find b-o-r-i-n-g. If I’m going to watch a show about rich kids, it better be melodramatic bliss! Because there’s nothing worse than hearing wealthy twenty-somethings whine about being misunderstood intellectuals. Beyond that there’s also this sense in her work that creativity and intellect equates rich whiteness (again, rich-artist-NYC-whiteness), which has always felt icky to me.

Despite my issues with her oeuvre, for a while I was inspired by the fact that she was a woman making things and getting noticed for it, but there are so many other women to look up to for that. Lena Dunham has said and done so many racist, sexist, classist things throughout the years, and it’s reflected in nearly all of her work. I never understood why a wealthy white woman drawing from such a narrow and privileged pool of experience wanted so desperately to be the face of feminism. I think it’s time for her to quit trying to be someone she’s not and move on from that image she’s cultivated for herself.


I’d love to hear from you – be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below! And if you have any ideas about who or what I should write about next, let me know!

Giving for Thanksgiving

Usually my Thanksgiving posts involve writing about what I’m thankful for or highlighting the hypocrisy of the holiday, but this year (oh what a year it’s been…) I decided to create a list of charities and groups worth donating to. Because what’s better than giving on Thanksgiving?

Like any list I’ve made on Catch-all, this post is wholly incomplete. There are so many wonderful charities that have either slipped my mind, or I’m not aware of yet, so please be sure to share some of your favorites that aren’t listed in the comment section below. And whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I hope you enjoy the holiday season and spending time with loved ones. ❤

My Makeup Dilemma

Like many women, I have a somewhat complicated relationship with makeup. Applying cosmetics and experimenting with new products, shades, and styles is an opportunity to express myself creatively, and wearing it makes me feel good about myself. But once I start to peel back the label on the norm, so-to-speak, I remember what a problematic concept makeup is.

At a certain age, women are expected to cover their flaws. We’re taught to wear makeup; just enough, but not too much. Too little and you look tired and lazy – too much and you’re “fake.” Some men complain of “false advertisement” when a woman wears so much makeup that her appearance is significantly altered, but the same men expect women to naturally look like living, breathing, Barbie dolls. Beauty is a multi-billion dollar business in the U.S., and the industry is so lucrative because many of us feel that our beauty is our worth.

In America, and presumably much of the world, women who occupy professional roles are not necessarily required to wear makeup, but it’s certainly expected of them. It’s been proven that women who are more “well-groomed” make more money, and American women will spend an average of $15,000 on makeup in their lifetime. For many, earning more means needing to spend more, and also requires the unpaid labor necessary to apply makeup and style one’s hair. The expensive and time-consuming truth that most professional women in the U.S. need to wear makeup to get ahead is both troubling and has consequences that extend far beyond the superficial.

After finishing grad school this May I’ve spent time traveling and hanging out, because school was exhausting and I needed some time to relax. During this time I decided to wear makeup less often in order to give my skin a break, but also in an effort to learn to love my own face again – imperfections and all. So since I’ve had to start wearing makeup again for job interviews (after a long and wonderful break), I’ve had a difficult time feeling like being “well-groomed” isn’t an unfair waste of my time and resources. Why does my boyfriend get to just brush his teeth and leave for work, while I have to spend 30-60 minutes putting different things on my face to cover blemishes and make sure my hair is neat and tidy? That may not sound like too big of a deal to some, but when you take into account the amount of money those products cost and the fact that over the course of a year that means approximately 7800 – 15,600 minutes spent getting ready (based on a 5 day work week over 52 weeks) that’s pretty damn frustrating.

I’d like to hear from women working in a variety of industries. Do you feel that you’re required to wear makeup? If you don’t wear makeup, do you think it has negatively impacted your career? And if you do wear makeup, what do you think would happen if you went without? Let me know in the comment section below. ❤