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Spring Break in Tucson

When this posts I will hopefully (sorry, I’m superstitious) be in Tucson, AZ for the week. Living next to the state you originated from – though worlds away – is nice in that if I need to come home or want to, I can. Other than money or time off, there isn’t much that stands in the way of my ability to go home. There’s no massive divide of time, distance, or red tape. When I miss my family or friends back in Tucson, I just imagine a map of the U.S., and how close I really am to them. I’m also grateful, especially in these politically turbulent times, that I don’t face the absolute inability to see my family or place of origin that millions of others do. The pain that they experience on a daily basis is truly unfathomable. And knowing that borders are just unreal, imagined lines, surely makes the distance even more insufferable. As I work my way through my last semester of graduate school, I’m trying to build a more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable …

Resistance Podcasts

Here’s a list of some of the resistance-related podcasts I’ve come across in recent weeks. My favorite so far is BloomCast, by civil rights attorney (and fellow vegan) Lisa Bloom. Please be sure to share any relevant political podcasts that you’ve been listening to in the comment section. BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance by Lisa Bloom Pod Save America by Crooked Media Trumpcast by Slate The FourFiftyOne by Summer Brennan Can He Do That? by The Washington Post Indivisible by WNYC And for additional resources check out this post, which I’m continuing to update. Keep resisting! ❤

PHOTOS: Women’s March Los Angeles

The Women’s March on Washington went global y’all (see: Pictures From Women’s Marches on Every Continent). And the Los Angeles sister march drew over 750,000 protestors – more than 10 times the number expected! Taking to the streets with a diverse community of progressive feminists (from all ages and walks of life) was an experience that meant so much to me. In spite of a dreadful Friday, and past year, the Women’s March served as a beam of light. There I saw hope in the form of thousands and thousands of people who are prepared to resist our frightening and repressive administration. We are the resistance. We will fight oppression and injustice together. In the words of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan, we’re stronger together. Oh, and love trumps hate! Here are some photos from the LA women’s march. Though they don’t capture the scope of the march or the shared sense of urgency permeating the air, I thought they were worth sharing:

UPDATED: Resistance Resources

With one day left until the inauguration, I wanted to share relevant resources for taking part in resisting this administration and regressive policy development in general. Below are a few online sources that I’ve found useful; please share any additional resources you know of in the comment section below. Michael Skolnik’s MOVEMENT TO OPPOSE TRUMP email newsletter The Indivisible Guide Downloadable action planner from Esther Loopstra Peace & nonviolence resources from Stand Together Against Trump The consumer app Boycott Trump Stay Woke’s Resistance Manual Hillary campaigners Zerlina Maxwell and Jess McIntosh’s newsletter, Signal Boost Feminist community action group Solidarity Sundays DAILY ACTION texts from Laura Moser *ADDITIONAL RESOURCE UPDATE* Women’s March 10 Actions 100 Days Civil Rights lawyer Lisa Bloom’s podcast, BloomCast: The Voice of the Resistance The Resistance Calendar

Side-Effect Nightmares

This is a topic I’ve been considering writing about for some time, but it never felt right. Yet now, for some reason it does, so here we go… About two and a half years ago I started a medication I’m going to refer to as Relief* for my severe migraines (*I’m unsure about the legal ramifications of actually discussing my experience on a specific medication, so I’m leaving out the drug’s name). At the time my headaches were hindering my ability to do things – focus, think clearly, get out of bed – and as a result affecting my day-to-day life adversely. So when my neurologist suggested a daily medication, I decided to go for it because I needed a solution. The day before I started Relief I went to a coffee shop with my boyfriend and we reviewed the extensive information provided with the medication. The potential side effects were intense, but I kind of glossed over them because I didn’t think they’d actually affect me. Maybe it was due to years and years of being conditioned by ads …

Post-Election Feelings & Taking a Break

I guess I’ll start by saying that I’m absolutely devastated by the election results. I went to bed Tuesday night with a feeling that I’ve never experienced before and can’t fully capture in words. I’m simultaneously enraged, saddened, terrified, disappointed, and disillusioned. How could this happen? What now? I fear for the safety of my friends and family and good people across this country and the world. I am shocked to see just how many millions of U.S. citizens are comfortable electing a xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic man who’s endorsed by the KKK, brags about sexually assaulting women, wants to ban Muslims, and has promised to build a wall dividing the U.S. and Mexico. His rhetoric has stoked the pride of hateful white nationalists across the country, and make no mistake, we are significantly less safe because of him. I’m confused and scared, yet empowered. I refuse, along with so many others, to let hate win. I will continue to fight for a more just world, where everyone is welcomed and safe. Along with the fear …

Among the Trees at Sequoia National Park

A few weeks ago my parents visited and we took a weekend trip to Sequoia National Park. Out in nature is where I find I can truly relax and rejuvenate, so I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to escape from the city for a bit with my family. This trip marked my first time seeing the giant sequoia trees of California, and wow are they impressive! Below are a few snapshots that don’t do the magnitude of these sequoia’s justice, but do capture a bit of what I saw on my trip (or more like mere portions of what I saw, because these trees are too big to fit into one photo). Pictured below is General Grant, the world’s 3rd largest tree, found at King’s Canyon National Park, and General Sherman, the world’s largest tree, found at Sequoia National Park. If you’re ever visiting California I absolutely recommend checking out both Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon National Park. I wish I had spent just a little more time among those massive trees, but I look forward to venturing back some day. Next stops, …

That Fall Feeling

Things are starting to cool off here in Los Angeles and I’m getting a bit of that fall feeling. There’s a crispness in the air that reminds me of fall in Arizona; the leaves may not change colors, but I always sense that as the weather cools off, the mood changes. Things start moving just a little bit slower, and for some reason, I always begin to feel more at ease. In addition to embracing the calmness that fall brings to my life, I’ve promised myself that I’m going to work on creative projects throughout the year, so that school doesn’t entirely burn me out. I thoroughly enjoy academic work, but at my core I’m someone who likes to get my hands dirty and make things. I’ve completely neglected that side of myself as of late, so in an attempt to reinvigorate my creative tendencies, I’m going to be bringing a little more experimental energy to Catch-all. And in order to get some ideas flowing, I’ve decided to share my fall inspired mood board. What’s creatively inspiring you right now?

25 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton

Here are 25 reasons why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton this November: Hillary Clinton is the most experienced person to have ever run for President of the United States. She has spent her entire career fighting for the rights of children. The next President will potentially have to fill multiple Supreme Court seats, and I trust that she’ll make sound appointments (who won’t vote to repeal Roe v. Wade or the Marriage Equality Act). America’s wealthiest citizens should pay their fair share in taxes, and her policies reflect that. Hillary Clinton supports Planned Parenthood. She’s also a champion for women’s reproductive rights and equal pay. She believes that community college should be free for every American. She knows that global climate change means that the future of our planet is in jeopardy. I want a President who will protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act. She’s a strong advocate for gun reform. Not only is Hillary exceptionally intelligent and diplomatic, but she’s tough too! She cares about building a more robust middle class. In 1995, at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on …

The Benefits of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and it’s something I feel passionately about and love doing. Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve discovered in starting and sustaining Catch-all: It’s a creative outlet When your work life is less than creatively fulfilling, blogging provides an opportunity to express yourself. I’m personally of the school of thought that we’re all creative people – some of us just know how to access our imagination better than others. I also believe that self-expression is hugely beneficial for anyone’s work, whether you’re an accountant, secretary, painter, or writer. Blogging improves your writing and helps you find your voice When you write a lot, your writing will naturally improve. Blogging is far more informal than most styles of writing, but I’ve found that posting on Catch-all has benefited my academic work as well. And after three years of working on this blog, I think I’ve finally become more comfortable with my voice as a writer, which of course is always evolving. Keeping up with my goal of posting weekly also requires that I’m constantly thinking of new ideas, jotting them …