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Watch “Earthlings”

After years of avoidance, I finally watched Earthlings.  If you haven’t heard of it, Earthlings (dir. Shaun Monson, 2005) is an animal rights documentary that’s inspired countless viewers to re-think their relationship with animals, capitalism, and the world at large. The film, which is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, is broken into five parts covering the use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and test subjects. Even as someone who’s knowledgeable about animal abuse, I was utterly shocked by what I saw happening to the animals in this film. It’s certainly not easy to watch, but it’s necessary viewing for those who don’t wish to blindly engage in the exploitation of people and animals. I’d like to note that this film does compare the horrors of human slavery and genocide to our treatment of animals, which I don’t personally support. The oppression of humans and other animals is certainly connected, but I think it’s only appropriate to let the victims and ancestors of those atrocities draw such conclusions. Please watch Earthlings with an open mind and a willingness to acknowledge that our …

Calling All Vegans!

If you’re vegan and use YouTube as a resource for recipes and information, please reach out to me! I’m preparing to present on Veganism & YouTube at the Pop Culture Association and American Culture Association national conference in San Diego this April, and am looking for insight from vegans who include YouTube as part of their online community. If that’s you, please respond to the following questions using the contact form below. Be sure to include your name, age, gender (man, woman, or gender non-conforming), location, and how long you have been vegan. If you were vegetarian before becoming vegan, be sure to include the number of years you were vegetarian before transitioning. Did watching a YouTuber or specific YouTube video influence your decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle? If so, what YouTube channels in particular? How often do you consume vegan material on YouTube? What channels do you watch and why? What sort of content are these YouTubers providing for you (i.e. recipes, lifestyle tips, animal cruelty information)? What other materials do you credit to influencing and …

Visiting Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit that is devoted to protecting farm animals from cruelty, while also working to inspire people to make choices that are more compassionate and sustainable by promoting a vegan lifestyle. Farm Sanctuary is the country’s largest animal rescue and protection organization, with sanctuaries in Watkins Glen, NY, Northern California, and the Los Angeles area. And thanks to Tracey and Jon Stewart, Farm Sanctuary will soon be opening a fourth location in New Jersey. This past weekend I visited the Los Angeles sanctuary (located in Acton, CA) for the second time, and captured photos of some of the gentle creatures that are lucky enough to act as ambassadors for the 9 billion farm animals that die each year in the U.S. alone. If you are in the upstate New York area, or Northern or Southern California, be sure to visit a sanctuary and get to know these unique, kind, and beautiful animals.