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PLAYLIST: Current Mood

Listed below is a bit of what I’ve been listening to lately – what I’m calling my current mood playlist. Most of it’s old stuff, or songs I’ve been into for years, but some of it’s new to me. Getting a record player (check out Fun with Vinyl) has in many ways reinvigorated my love of music and made it a priority in my life again. In high school I was constantly listening to new bands and artists, going to concerts, and exchanging mix CD’s with my friends. Over the years I’ve lost a bit of that enthusiasm, but I’m trying to get it back. Music is a gift to indulge in and share, so let me know what you’re listening to. What’s on your current mood playlist?

My High School Playlist

After perusing my iTunes library, which I honestly haven’t used much since high school, I was instantly hit with an intense wave of nostalgia. Music played a humongous role in my high school experience, whether I was going to concerts, making mix-CDs for friends, or brushing up on my crush’s favorite bands. All of the songs I listed in this playlist take me back to that awkward, exciting time. Here’s my ultimate high school playlist: What songs make you nostalgic?

LA Film Fest ’15: Making Cool Shit with OK Go

This past Friday night I attended Making Cool Shit: The Music Videos of OK Go at the LA Film Fest. The event featured a screening of 10 of OK Go’s music videos, followed-up by a Q & A session with the band’s lead singer, Damian Kulash. “Have you seen OK Go’s new music video?” is a question I’ve been hearing for years. They’re name has become synonymous with the kind of entertaining and imaginative music videos that leave you thinking, “How the hell did they pull that off?” During his talk Kulash made it exceedingly clear that he and his bandmates don’t see themselves as filmmakers, per se, but rather musicians who enjoy creating something that’s fun and visually highlights their music. But I see it differently. Maybe they don’t care about the technicalities of cinematography or traditional editing, but they care deeply about framing; and as Martin Scorsese says “Cinema is a matter of what’s inside the frame and what’s out.” Below are some of my favorite OK Go music videos that were featured at the event. Please share your favorites in the comment …