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Growing Into My Tallness

Once my greatest source of discomfort, my height is now my shield, my strength. In kindergarten I towered over my peers – both boys and girls. My shoe size grew every year, correlating with my age until middle school. Most women will never wear size ten or eleven shoes, let alone many prepubescent girls. By sixth grade I was nearly the height I am today – 5’11”. As a result of my height bracket, I never thought I was cute. My bigness made me feel void of femininity. Now I find great beauty in my stature, but as an adolescent all I wanted was to be smaller. To blend in. To be what boys at that time thought was pretty. It pains me to think of how much time, even as a young girl, I spent worrying about what others thought of me. Feeling too tall, too big, too uncommon. While I’ve grown to love my height, there are still days when my size feels daunting. Overpowering. Not pretty. Unfeminine. Almost eight years ago I …

Yes, I Want to Share Another LA Video

This may be the fourth or fifth time I’ve shared a similar video – one that features swooping images of Los Angeles’ beautiful skyline and an impressive array of street art – but I must share this one, because it’s just that good. Simply titled Los Angeles, Ian Wood’s newest video comes as a city-wide follow-up to his previous downtown exploration. As someone who fell in love with Los Angeles and decided to make the move here recently, I’m struck by how much of this city I have left to explore. As evidenced by the range of stunning shots that are stitched together perfectly, this sprawling metropolis is wildly diverse in so many ways. From culture, to architecture and nature, Los Angeles seems to have something for everyone. The experience of watching Los Angeles is so much fun that I find myself enthusiastically bouncing around to the music with every new viewing. Each shot is a sight to behold, and the soundtrack exquisitely compliments the varied imagery. So watch the video and let me know what you think! And if you’re interested, check out this map that highlights all of the shooting locations.

Suggested Reading: ‘The Makeup Tax’

My latest Suggested Reading is The Makeup Tax, by Olga Khazan of The Atlantic. Did you know that women who wear makeup tend to earn more and are treated better? Once you understand just how much time, effort, and money women put into their appearance, you realize that it’s a fact that affects women’s lives on a much larger scale than often discussed. The politics of femininity are complicated, and Khazan’s article brings many of the logical implications of the “necessity of beauty” to light. Whether you are a man or woman, wear makeup or not, it’s an article worth reading for all.

Remembering Robin Williams

Today marks the one year anniversary of Robin William’s death, an utter and complete tragedy. Despite never knowing Williams personally, through his performances and interviews I felt like I was given a piece of his brilliant spirit. We all were. Whether comedic or dramatic, his performances always felt deeply entwined with his quick creative spark and remarkable intelligence. It’s truly astonishing just how many lives Robin Williams touched. He is greatly missed, and will be remembered forever as a great American icon. In memory of Robin Williams’ expansive career and beautiful soul, here are stills from some of his greatest performances.

Buffalo, NY – Beyond The Reputation

A few weeks ago I visited Buffalo, NY for a family wedding, pre-snowpocalypes. My mother is from Kenmore, a suburb of Buffalo, so I have visited the city just under a dozen times in my life. This trip, however, was my first time vacationing during the fall, so I was delighted to experience a true autumn. In Tucson there are basically two seasons – summer and winter – so to see streets lined by brightly colored trees and to be able to crunch through piles of leaves on the ground was a wonderful new experience. Though quite beautiful, Buffalo is similar to Detroit or Baltimore in that it has a fairly bad reputation. When I tell people who have never been that I’m visiting, they sometimes ask “Why are you going there? Isn’t it shitty?” But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Buffalo has a spectacular history. After the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, it quickly grew to become an economic hub of the northeast. The city’s impressive past is reflected in its architecture that includes buildings designed …

Shabazz Palaces – ‘Black Up’

Shabazz Palaces – “Black Up,” is the third ‘video of the day’ post featuring Kahlil Joseph’s work. Joseph is a spectacularly talented director whose visual style I’d describe as truly mesmerizing. His ability to capture the essence of people and spaces is nothing short of brilliant, and I greatly admire his work. “‘Black Up’ is a short film that portrays a fever dream induced by the music of Shabazz Palaces. The film features songs from Shabazz Palaces’ album Black Up on Sub Pop Records, as well as various pieces of unreleased material.”

Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

In a new series (VIDEO OF THE DAY) I will be posting short films and music videos multiple times per week. From this year’s Sundance Shorts, Until the Quiet Comes, directed by Kahlil Joseph, features three songs by underground musician and producer, Flying Lotus. A magical combination of both mood and rhythm, Joseph’s film is one of the most captivating shorts I have ever seen. The hauntingly beautiful cinematography was done by Matthew J. Lloyd. Truly, one of my favorites.