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Get Off Your Phone

I’m certainly guilty of spending too much time looking at my phone in public, but I’ve decided to make a change. I’m no longer going to use my phone as a social crutch, scrolling through Twitter on the bus to avoid unwanted conversations or obsessively check my emails throughout the day to make sure I haven’t missed a new event to RSVP to. I’m going to engage with my surroundings and soak in everything I can. I’m going back to basics. Although this video wasn’t the inspiration for my change, and it’s definitely super cheesy, I think it puts into perspective just how often we are sharing space with others who are also staring at their phones. I’ve spent the past two weeks or so avoiding my phone in public, and it has honestly made me a happier person. I’ve been talking to strangers on the metro, people watching, and noticing more about my surroundings. When I see something interesting, I don’t necessarily pull out my phone to document it, though I do still share some stuff with friends and family on Snapchat. …

Splitscreen: A Love Story

I discovered Splitscreen: A Love Story about two years ago and never forgot it. Charming, simple, and creative, it’s a visual journey of love and exploration in which two people from separate sides of the globe meet. It was filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 cell phone and won the 2011 Nokia Shorts competition.