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Freedom & Indulgence on the Vegas Strip

Ah, the Las Vegas Strip. You’d think I hate Las Vegas based on my aversion to greed, mass consumption, and gaudiness – but on the contrary, I sort of love it. While the Strip is built on gambling addictions, cheesy simulacrum, and mass amounts of waste (from water fountains to water bottles), there’s a freeness in the four mile stretch of indulgence and exhibitionism that I appreciate and almost relish in. American culture is so go-go-go, earn-earn-earn, that sometimes we collectively lose sight of ourselves. What I believe to be inherently American is this guilt I feel whenever I have the chance to relax. I may have been over worked and exhausted for weeks, but the moment I get to take a break I think of my desire for rest or fun as a flaw. But everyone else is constantly working hard, so why am I tired? Why do I deserve to go do this cool thing? What’s my issue?  Two weeks ago (just one week before the inauguration) I spent two nights in Las Vegas with my boyfriend, celebrating …

Yes, I Want to Share Another LA Video

This may be the fourth or fifth time I’ve shared a similar video – one that features swooping images of Los Angeles’ beautiful skyline and an impressive array of street art – but I must share this one, because it’s just that good. Simply titled Los Angeles, Ian Wood’s newest video comes as a city-wide follow-up to his previous downtown exploration. As someone who fell in love with Los Angeles and decided to make the move here recently, I’m struck by how much of this city I have left to explore. As evidenced by the range of stunning shots that are stitched together perfectly, this sprawling metropolis is wildly diverse in so many ways. From culture, to architecture and nature, Los Angeles seems to have something for everyone. The experience of watching Los Angeles is so much fun that I find myself enthusiastically bouncing around to the music with every new viewing. Each shot is a sight to behold, and the soundtrack exquisitely compliments the varied imagery. So watch the video and let me know what you think! And if you’re interested, check out this map that highlights all of the shooting locations.


I’m officially four months away from moving to Los Angeles and WOW am I excited. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do when I get there, but goodness gracious I can’t wait to call that city home. I love so much about LA, and lucky for me it’s only a 7.5 hour drive back to good ole Tucson when I’m feeling homesick. I’ve posted LA videos before, but this is by far my favorite one. Make sure to watch it in full screen HD and turn up your volume as loud as you can! Enjoy.


I love where I’m from. If I had to chose one thing that inspires me the most, it would have to be the spirit of Tucson. The people, landscapes, food, culture, art, music – everything. Some day soon I will move away, but my heart will always be here. What makes Tucson amazing is its imperfections. There are ugly parts of town and off-the-wall people who inhabit this city – but without the weirdness I don’t know if it would be as beautiful. There is a sense of community here that I’m not sure if I’ll find anywhere else. As a city we collectively respect our culture, our landscapes, and our history. Growing up in Southern Arizona will always be my greatest inspiration and I am so thankful to call the city of Tucson my home.