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Watch “Earthlings”

After years of avoidance, I finally watched Earthlings.  If you haven’t heard of it, Earthlings (dir. Shaun Monson, 2005) is an animal rights documentary that’s inspired countless viewers to re-think their relationship with animals, capitalism, and the world at large. The film, which is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, is broken into five parts covering the use of animals as pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and test subjects. Even as someone who’s knowledgeable about animal abuse, I was utterly shocked by what I saw happening to the animals in this film. It’s certainly not easy to watch, but it’s necessary viewing for those who don’t wish to blindly engage in the exploitation of people and animals. I’d like to note that this film does compare the horrors of human slavery and genocide to our treatment of animals, which I don’t personally support. The oppression of humans and other animals is certainly connected, but I think it’s only appropriate to let the victims and ancestors of those atrocities draw such conclusions. Please watch Earthlings with an open mind and a willingness to acknowledge that our …

Creating a Cher Horowitz Inspired Outfit

This past July Clueless, the ultimate 90’s coming-of-age film, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Although the movie may be two decades old, I’d argue that its humor and the message at its core is just as relatable today despite Cher’s laughably large cell phone and compulsive use of irrelevant slang. Much of what’s so fun about Clueless is how each character’s wardrobe acts as an extension of themselves. Cher’s style is structured and preppy, but she takes risks with patterns and accessories, which is illustrative of her good-natured, yet sometimes wild personality. I was asked by Farfetch, an online shopping site where you can discover the latest in designer fashion, to recreate an iconic fashion moment in movie history. As both a student and resident of Los Angeles, I’m personally inspired by Cher Horowitz’s take on west coast prep, but I wanted to put a bit of a contemporary spin on her look. Here’s what I came up with: Although the outfit is simple and structured, the fun is in the details. Cher is all about pairing a tucked-in button-up with a sophisticated a-line skirt, and she’s also known to rock a chic headband. Since …

Further Proof That Lupita Nyong’o Is The Coolest Person Ever

When I saw 12 Years a Slave last winter I was immediately mesmerized by Lupita Nyong’o. What a performance! I loved Steve McQueen’s film so much that I saw it in theaters twice, which is a lot for a film that’s so unbelievably horrific and dismal. At both viewings I thought to myself: “who is this woman?”  How can an actor already be iconic after less than one year in the public eye? I’m not sure, but there’s no doubt that she already is. Lupita Nyong’o graced this month’s cover of Vogue and in this video produced by the posh fashion magazine she proves once again that she’s the coolest girl ever.

Video of the Day – Chanel Haute Couture

Making of the Chanel Spring//Summer ’13 Haute Couture Collection This video may be from over a year ago, but it’s certainly worth reposting. The skill and detail that goes into a single haute couture gown is a spectacular thing. More than one gown and that’s nearly miracle status work. These artists and designers put their hearts and souls into their creations and it shows; you’d need a magnifying glass to notice a single flaw. Just as pretty as the Chanel designs in this video is the music, in particular, Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé suite 2. (FUN FACT) I adored the song so much that after I found this video I discovered a symphony in Scotland that was willing to let me use their performance of Daphnis et Chloé in my thesis project. Anyways, watch and enjoy. And in an ultra nerdy girl moment, see if you can spot Cara Delevingne on the runway.

Multi-Media: Short Films in Fashion

Newly trending (though not a new trend) fashion short films have developed into a necessity for designers and big international brands. These films allow fashion to be explored in another artistic sense – utilizing cinematography, production design, music, and editing to enhance the clothing on display in the piece. Being a director or production designer for these sorts of projects would be a dream job; ultimately creating a mesh between a giant window display, short film, and fashion show. Watching a designer’s clothes move on a model in slow motion with beautiful backdrops and a rhythmic soundtrack is far more interesting than looking at the outfit sitting on a lifeless mannequin or emaciated runway model. And these fashion films work to develop the art world into a multifaceted exploration of visuals and sound. Successful expeditions in art should utilize multiple mediums, expanding one’s work by taking advantage of the medium of another’s.