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27 Songs

Tomorrow I turn 27 (yikes!), and since I’ve been doing a birthday post every year since my 24th birthday, I decided I should keep the tradition going strong. In the past I posted 24 Lessons in 24 Years, 25 of My Favorite Things, and 26 Goals for my 26th Year, and this year I’m sharing 27 of my favorite songs. This doesn’t come close to showcasing all of my favorites, but it does cover some of them! 🙂 This list is very random and in no particular order. If we share any favorites let me know in the comment section below. ❤ 1. Let Me Roll It – Wings 2. Zodiac Shift – Flying Lotus 3. Riders on the Storm – The Doors 4. I Am Woman – Helen Reddy 5. Femme Fatale – The Velvet Underground & Nico 6. Where I Wanna Be – Shade Sheist 7. Feel it All Around – Washed Out 8. Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding 9. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li (The Magician Remix) 10. Modern Love – David Bowie 11. Don’t Let Me Be …

Study Tunes

With finals coming up, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite study tunes. Some people enjoy studying in silence, while others prefer the accompaniment of music. I, for one, need music to study; ideally lyric-less, groovy tunes. So here are a few songs I like to get my study-on with: What do you like to listen to when you study? Let me know!

‘Wildcat’ by Kahlil Joseph

After discovering Kahlil Joseph’s work, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with his style and visual aesthetic. Wildcat is a non-narrative short dedicated to the passing of his Aunt Janet. Like some of Joseph’s other works, the film features music by L.A. underground musician and producer, Flying Lotus. “Wildcat is a state of mind; an experiment inspired by the composition and performance of jazz music. The characters that populate this world are actual – cowboys; and envisioned – angels. The town they all inhabit is real – Grayson, Oklahoma.” Kahlil is part of What Matters Most, a collective of like-minded artists working to elevate each other’s work. Visit their site to discover more of his work.

Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

In a new series (VIDEO OF THE DAY) I will be posting short films and music videos multiple times per week. From this year’s Sundance Shorts, Until the Quiet Comes, directed by Kahlil Joseph, features three songs by underground musician and producer, Flying Lotus. A magical combination of both mood and rhythm, Joseph’s film is one of the most captivating shorts I have ever seen. The hauntingly beautiful cinematography was done by Matthew J. Lloyd. Truly, one of my favorites.