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LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

“Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yrself Clean” Walking up to me expecting walking up to me Expecting words it happens all the time Present company accept it present company Except the worst it happens every nightAh aaaaah present company Excluded every time Ah aaaaaah present company The best that you can findTalking like a jerk Except you are an actual jerk And living proof that sometimes friends are meanPresent company expect it present company Just laugh it off it’s better than it seemsAh aaaaaah present company Excluded in every way Ah aaaaaah present company Makes me wanna stayKilling it with close inspecting Killing it can only make it worse It sort of makes it breed Present company accepting Presently we all expect the worst Works just like a needAh aaaaah present company Excluded in the night Ah aaaaah present company Included in the fightAh aaaaaaaah, ah aaaaaaaah, aaaaaah Ah aaaaaaah Don’t you want me to wake up? Then give me just a bit of your time Arguments are made from make outs So give …

MUSIC VIDEOS || Spike Jonze

From David Fincher to Michel Gondry, many successful film and television directors got their start directing music videos and commercials, and some continue to do so today. Among my favorite music video directors is Spike Jonze, whose videos are always extraordinarily fun and exceptionally creative. I would describe his work as being simple in a bare bones kind of way, but infused with an intense burst of imagination and kinetic energy. Here are a few of my favorite Spike Jonze videos – what are yours? DROP – The Pharcyde DRUNK GIRLS – LCD Soundsystem OTIS – Kanye West, Jay Z SABOTAGE – Beastie Boys WEAPON OF CHOICE – Fatboy Slim