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Fast Company

I haven’t posted a “Recommended Reading” since this past summer, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about another publication I have recently subscribed to and love: Fast Company. I rarely buy anything placed near the register at a grocery store, but a few months ago I was intrigued by a magazine cover that read “A Billion Fans Can’t Be Wrong: How YouTube is banking on stars like Bethany Mota to recharge Google’s future and fight off Disney and Yahoo.” So I bought it, was hooked, and quickly became a subscriber. Fast Company is a technology, business, and design magazine that was developed in 1995 by previous editors of the Harvard Business Review. The publication focuses on innovation in business and design, featuring articles about up-and-coming companies and old-standbys. Fast Company celebrates creativity, risk-taking, and thinking beyond traditional boundaries. In my first issue I learned about Google’s purchase of YouTube, how YouTube content creators are spilling over into the mainstream entertainment industry, and read about James Cameron’s latest documentary where he completed a record-breaking dive to …

Check it Out: Bitch Media

Although the newspaper and magazine industries have taken a hit in recent years, I still find that there is nothing more enjoyable than waking up and reading something palpable with a hot coffee by my side. Magazines have a certain feel to them; their pages are cool and crisp, with easy to grab edges that turn with a swooshing sound that reminds me of my adolescence. When I am reading a magazine I feel as though I’m taking part in something that may no longer exist during the third act of my life. That is a sentiment that I hope is extraordinarily false. Magazines have a very specific formula that allow them to be appealing to the general masses and even more scholarly sorts. They are usually short enough that they can be consumed quickly, but often include long articles that may take time to fully digest. Sometimes, when a writer has created something that is truly an amazing experience to take in, I must read it twice. To me, that’s journalism at it’s finest. It’s entertaining, educational, and has a voice associated with the …

Further Proof That Lupita Nyong’o Is The Coolest Person Ever

When I saw 12 Years a Slave last winter I was immediately mesmerized by Lupita Nyong’o. What a performance! I loved Steve McQueen’s film so much that I saw it in theaters twice, which is a lot for a film that’s so unbelievably horrific and dismal. At both viewings I thought to myself: “who is this woman?”  How can an actor already be iconic after less than one year in the public eye? I’m not sure, but there’s no doubt that she already is. Lupita Nyong’o graced this month’s cover of Vogue and in this video produced by the posh fashion magazine she proves once again that she’s the coolest girl ever.