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My Makeup Dilemma

Like many women, I have a somewhat complicated relationship with makeup. Applying cosmetics and experimenting with new products, shades, and styles is an opportunity to express myself creatively, and wearing it sometimes makes me feel good. But once I start to peel back the label on the norm, so-to-speak, I remember what a problematic concept makeup is. At a certain age, women are expected to cover their flaws. We’re taught to wear makeup; just enough, but not too much. Too little and you look tired and lazy – too much and you’re “fake.” Some men complain of “false advertisement” when a woman wears so much makeup that her appearance is significantly altered, but the same men expect women to naturally look like living, breathing, Barbie dolls. Beauty is a multi-billion dollar business in the U.S., and the industry is so lucrative because many of us feel that our beauty is our worth. In America, and presumably much of the world, women who occupy professional roles are not necessarily required to wear makeup, but it’s certainly expected of them. It’s been proven that …

Suggested Reading: ‘The Makeup Tax’

My latest Suggested Reading is The Makeup Tax, by Olga Khazan of The Atlantic. Did you know that women who wear makeup tend to earn more and are treated better? Once you understand just how much time, effort, and money women put into their appearance, you realize that it’s a fact that affects women’s lives on a much larger scale than often discussed. The politics of femininity are complicated, and Khazan’s article brings many of the logical implications of the “necessity of beauty” to light. Whether you are a man or woman, wear makeup or not, it’s an article worth reading for all.