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Suggested Reading: ‘How Hollywood Keeps Women Out’

This week’s Suggested Reading comes from L.A. Weekly’s Jessica P. Ogilvie. In her article, How Hollywood Keeps Women Out, Ogilvie discusses Hollywood’s palpable gender bias and how it fits into an industry that is dominated by charitable liberals and Democrats. It’s an eye-opener for both men and women alike, and as a young woman hoping to find a career in the film industry, what I read put a lot of things into perspective. “The repercussions for women and girls across the world, who are seeing primarily the stories of men on-screen, are profound.” “If you don’t see yourself or people like you represented, what kind of an impression are you going to get?”

10 Facts About Larry David

In honor of Larry David’s 67th birthday, here are 10 facts about the hilarious comedian/writer/producer: 1. Larry David was born Lawrence Gene David on July 2, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York. 2. He graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in history. 3. He was the inspiration for the character George Costanza from Seinfeld, which he co-created with Jerry Seinfeld. 4. Before his career took off he worked as a limousine driver, store clerk, TV repairmen, and bra salesman. 5. He always carries a pad of paper and a pencil with him so he can record his ideas. 6. The term “Larry David moment” refers to an extremely awkward social situation, which is a constant theme in David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. 7. He often uses articles of clothing as plot devices. 8. Many of the stories in Seinfeld are based on things that actually happened in his life. 9. He did not start performing stand up until he was in his thirties. 10. In 1975 he was a writer on Saturday Night Live for just one season, and only one of the sketches he …

Interview with “Autism in Love” Producer, Carolina Groppa

What is love? What does love feel like? How do you know that you’ve fallen in love? Romance and relationships mesh together in a jumble of complexities that inhabit an elaborate region in our hearts and minds. And for those with autism, the journey and discovery can be even more complicated. Autism in Love is a feature length documentary that examines and explores romantic love through the lens of autism. Based in Los Angeles, the team behind the film includes producer Carolina Groppa and director Matt Fuller, both of whom are award winning filmmakers and advocates of social change. Along with Dr. Ira Heilveil, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA Medical School, they are working to create a remarkable documentary that is not only about love, but also about overcoming obstacles and re-defining the status quo. I was lucky enough to talk to the film’s producer, Carolina Groppa, to hear what she has to say about Autism in Love and the journey she’s been on while filming for the past year. JVV: What …