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The Politics of Waiting: Those Who Wait & Those Who Don’t

“…modern society might easily be divided into two classes: those who have to wait and those who don’t,” (Ambient Television, pg. 198). I recently discovered sociologist Barry Schwartz’s concept of those who wait and those who don’t in Ambient Television by Anna McCarthy. The idea clicked for me immediately. Some don’t have to wait at all (the famous and extremely wealthy), while others have to wait a bit, and some much, much longer. How often and for how long we have to wait is directly linked to our perceived social and economic status. There’s a price to pay in order to bypass lines (from organ transplant lists to Disneyland) and only the rich and well-to-do often have easy access to these necessities and luxuries. As McCarthy points out, “for many people – women, the poor, and others who occupy particularly disadvantaged positions within systems of social administration – the long wait is a time-consuming and inevitable requirement of basic access to goods and services in modern life,” (pg. 198). Lately I’ve noticed, in particular, that whenever I find myself in a doctor’s …

This Week’s Essential Reads on Hollywood’s Diversity Issue

I’ve come across quite a few articles this week that I think are essential reads on the current state of diversity in Hollywood, and I decided that they’re important enough to share with y’all. What’s made in Hollywood is disseminated across the globe, and whether we like it or not, these images permeate our conscious and have a lasting effect on our lives. Because of the impact that these images have on our identities and how we identify others, I think it’s imperative that we examine what’s happening in Hollywood. So pour yourself a drink, get comfortable, and start reading! What It’s Really Like to Work in Hollywood* (*if you’re not a straight white man) What Does the Academy Value in a Black Performance? Hollywood is Suffering from an “Inclusion Crisis,” Diversity Study Says  

Exploring Gender & Race On-Screen

When I graduated in 2013 and started this blog, I began to watch films more critically and evaluate them with a strict sense of what a film is meant to do. Some films are meant to make us laugh – others make us think – most make us feel. But what I believe all films should do is reflect our world accurately. A futuristic sci-fi should not feature a cast of one race. Romantic comedies should not only be about women fighting for the love of a man. Period pieces should not soften facts to appease the masses. No matter how fantastical the story is, I believe the filmmaker – as a cultural influencer – has the duty of doing their best to accurately reflect our culture in some way or another. Most directly, this means making diverse casting choices and writing scripts to support these roles. According to the New York Film Academy, women make up only 30.8% of speaking roles in films to this day, which is absolutely not reflective of the world’s female population. This past year, …