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PLAYLIST: Current Mood

Listed below is a bit of what I’ve been listening to lately – what I’m calling my current mood playlist. Most of it’s old stuff, or songs I’ve been into for years, but some of it’s new to me. Getting a record player (check out Fun with Vinyl) has in many ways reinvigorated my love of music and made it a priority in my life again. In high school I was constantly listening to new bands and artists, going to concerts, and exchanging mix CD’s with my friends. Over the years I’ve lost a bit of that enthusiasm, but I’m trying to get it back. Music is a gift to indulge in and share, so let me know what you’re listening to. What’s on your current mood playlist?

Fun with Vinyl

My boyfriend and I, after years of wanting one, finally invested in a record player. Though I’m guilty of romanticizing records, I can’t help but adore them. Albums are fun and beautiful. Rummaging is an adventure. Listening is an experience. Not only do vinyl records produce a spectacular sound, but they require an active listener. The Spotify experience, for example, is wildly different. I can just put on an artist, algorithmically driven radio station, or expertly curated playlist and listen passively for hours. But with records you’re constantly flipping sides, changing speeds, and pulling the disks out of their sleeves and slipping them back in again. You’re picking dust off the stylus, or wiping smudges from the vinyl grooves. This interaction with the physicality of the record itself is also something I appreciate about vinyl: that it’s tangible. I can hold an album in my hands and examine its cover or the dips that circle its surface. I have to move each record from one spot to another with delicate precision. I clean them often. To actually hold onto the medium from which my music comes …