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27 Songs

Tomorrow I turn 27 (yikes!), and since I’ve been doing a birthday post every year since my 24th birthday, I decided I should keep the tradition going strong. In the past I posted 24 Lessons in 24 Years, 25 of My Favorite Things, and 26 Goals for my 26th Year, and this year I’m sharing 27 of my favorite songs. This doesn’t come close to showcasing all of my favorites, but it does cover some of them! ūüôā This list is very random and in no particular order. If we share any favorites let me know in the comment section below. ‚̧ 1.¬†Let Me Roll It¬†– Wings 2. Zodiac Shift¬†– Flying Lotus 3. Riders on the Storm¬†– The Doors 4. I Am Woman¬†– Helen Reddy 5. Femme Fatale – The Velvet Underground & Nico 6. Where I Wanna Be¬†– Shade Sheist 7. Feel it All Around¬†– Washed Out 8. Dock of the Bay¬†– Otis Redding 9. I Follow Rivers – Lykke Li (The Magician Remix) 10. Modern Love¬†– David Bowie 11. Don’t Let Me Be …

PLAYLIST: Current Mood

Listed below is a bit of what I’ve been listening to lately – what I’m calling my¬†current mood playlist. Most of it’s old stuff, or songs I’ve been into for years, but some of it’s new to me. Getting a record player (check out¬†Fun with Vinyl) has in many ways¬†reinvigorated¬†my love of music and made it¬†a priority in my life again. In high school I was constantly listening to¬†new bands and artists, going to concerts, and exchanging mix CD’s with my friends. Over the years I’ve lost a bit of that enthusiasm, but I’m trying to get it back. Music is a gift to indulge in and share, so let me know what you’re listening to. What’s on your¬†current mood playlist?

Apps on Apps

Here are some of my all-time favorite apps. Be sure to share¬†yours in the comment section below! 1. VSCO Cam When it comes to editing photos on your phone, there is no app that’s better than VSCO Cam. VSCO’s pre-set filters are all already beautiful, but the app allows you to adjust every aspect of the filter you chose – from exposure and saturation, to contrast and highlight. When in doubt,¬†just pick the F2 setting (my all-time favorite and most used), because it¬†will always make your photo look just a little more on-point. 2. Wikipedia This app should go without explaining. Wikipedia is one of my most visited websites because sometimes I need to know who invented the brownie¬†(Bertha Palmer) or what city Aretha Franklin¬†was born in (Memphis, TN, but she grew up in Detroit, MI). You need the Wikipedia app if you ever want to ask these questions and figure out the answer before you’ve forgotten the question in the first place. Ya dig? 3. Podcasts There are so many wonderfully entertaining, educational, weird, …