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Trailers for Some of My Favorite Cult Classics

From magnificent treasures, to movies so bad that they’re good, here are the trailers to some of my all-time favorite cult classics! What are yours? Be sure to share your recommendations in the comment section below. ūüôā Labyrinth¬†(dir. Jim Henson, 1986) Wet Hot American Summer¬†(dir. David Wain, 2001) Office Space¬†(dir. Mike Judge, 1999) The Big Lebowski¬†(dir. Joel & Ethan Coen, 1998) Troll 2¬†(dir. Claudio Fragasso, 1990) The Breakfast Club¬†(dir. John Hughes, 1985) Easy Rider¬†(dir. Dennis Hopper, 1969) Harold and Maude¬†(dir. Hal Ashby, 1971) Hausa¬†(dir.¬†Nobuhiko √Ēbayashi, 1977) The Room¬†(dir. Tommy Wiseau, 2003) What are some of your favorite cult classics?